Circuit Training During Quarantine

Circuit Training During Quarantine

Circuit Training During Quarantine

Today we’re going to give you some fun circuit-style workout ideas that you can do at home with only a mat.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is five or more exercises put together with a set time period for each exercise and a set rest period in between exercises.

You can set your circuit workout up via stations that you move to or stay in one stationary spot. It really depends on the exercises and the space that you have available.

Circuit training can be total body or target a specific muscle group. Typically, the entire circuit should be done 2-3 times through. Of course, this can be modified.

Rest Periods and Exercise Time

How long of a rest one needs between exercises and circuits will depend on the individual and type of circuit. This goes for the exercise time (time spent doing the exercise) as well.

Circuit Training During Quarantine Starting TodayFor the average, moderately athletic individual, I would recommend having 5-6 exercises with 30-45 seconds at each station, and 10-15 seconds of rest in between stations with a 1-1 ½ minute break in between circuits.


Now, you might be asking yourself, why do this circuit thing at all? I want to take a minute to talk about the benefits of circuit training.

Circuit training:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases endurance
  • Decreases needed recovery time
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Promotes heart health
  • Gives individuals a set plan for their workouts
  • Circuits are easy to progress and regress as needed
  • Circuits are useful for when an individual has a limited amount of time to complete a workout
  • Allows for a comprehensive workout
  • Allows for a diversity of exercises and muscle groups to be targeted
  • Can be done in a group with family members or friends (each person starts at a different station). If space allows, circuit training can effectively be done using social distancing practices. This would require each person to have their own area to workout (six feet apart from each other) or all individuals are comfortable with having the stations six feet apart and one person at each station at a time.
  • This method is perfect for yards or parks.

Home Circuit Training Workout

I know many of us are home-bound and missing our gyms, fitness classes, etc.

To help with this, below are some examples of effective circuit workouts that can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Circuit #1

  1. Pushups (on the toes or on the knees)
  2. Bicycles
  3. Squats
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Hollow Body Holds

Circuit #2

  1. Ice Skaters
  2. Crunches
  3. Fire Hydrants
  4. Lunges
  5. Side Plank

Circuit #3

  1. Plank Jumps
  2. High Knees
  3. Russian Twist
  4. Inch Worms
  5. Burpees

Please note that these circuits are to be used for general conditioning; if one has a specific goal(s) the workout would need to be modified.

Words Of Advice

Circuits are about doing the best you can for the time allotted for each exercise/station. If you need to take a rest during your exercise time, feel free to take it. Work up to working out for the entire exercise time if you are not able to do that right now

Also, decreasing the exercise time is always an option.

Don’t be afraid to modify, and be kind to yourself if you find that your initial goals were not as realistic as you thought.

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to have long-term and short-term goals when it comes to fitness.

For example, if you are at a plank jump station, but find that after 20 seconds you cannot plank jump anymore, but are not quite needing a rest. Then, just hold a plank for the remaining 25 seconds. You are still getting a great workout in and can work up to doing plank jumps for the full 45 seconds as you continue your training.

Remember, work out smart and try your best to keep moving during circuit training even if you need to modify an exercise. But again, when you need to rest, rest!

As long as you’re doing your best, that’s all you can do. Please take care of yourself first and foremost.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about circuits and how they can help folks stay in shape during these trying times.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email. As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

Alexis was trained in Russian Ballet for 12 years before finding her love of bodybuilding and fitness. She also graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and has extensive work experience in the Mental Health Field, which allows her to approach fitness and training from a mental health standpoint.

Alexis is grateful to be a NASM-certified personal trainer and a Mad Dogg Athletics-Certified Spin Instructor. Her mission is to help all individuals achieve their best selves, and have the happiest and healthiest lives possible. Her specialities are resistance training, TRX, bodybuilding, HIIT/VIIT/LIIT, spin, corework, functional moment, nutrition, and weight loss.

She is honored to be a guest contributor for DIY Active and wishes to inspire and motivate all readers. Please feel free to email her at [email protected] for more info about wellness, fitness, and personal training including virtual options.
Alexis Mallery
Circuit Training During Quarantine