Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans – Which is Better?

Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans – Which is Better

Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans

Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans… All three suit people in different ways. Most coffee shops would use the beans as they have the proper machines to process them into your daily dose of a cup of delicious coffee. Others prefer the use of capsules or pods, as they are more convenient and quicker to make.

Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans

What are Capsules?

The capsules contain ground-up coffee beans that have only just been roasted, in an airtight container. This means the coffee is able to stay fresh for a long period of time. You can buy these in bulk and use them whenever you need to.

They can come in different shapes and sizes, but mainly they look like containers with a seal on top.

For people who do not have a machine, or do not know how to use a coffee machine, the capsules are a lifesaver. All you need is a cup, a filter, a capsule, and some hot water. You put the filter into the cup, then add the capsule, and pour in some hot water. Your coffee is done and ready to drink.

It is much more convenient and not as time-consuming as making an actual coffee in a machine. It also contains your specific dosage required for one cup, and so means you do not need to measure out your dose.

Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans – Which is Better Find OutWhat are Beans?

The beans are seeds from coffee plants. You can buy them in large packs but would need a coffee blender to break them down into powder which you can then either put in a machine or a coffee maker. Most coffee shops would use beans as they give a strong taste.

They would usually have the proper machines to grind the beans down and carry out the rest of the process for the perfect cup of coffee.

When using coffee beans at home, you would, unfortunately, need to purchase a machine to grind your beans down for you. Once this is done, you will need a press coffee maker.

The coffee is added to the maker first, then the boiling water, which you then cover with the lid that has the presser and push down after a few minutes of brewing. There are other coffee kettles you can use also, but the press maker is the easiest of all options.

What are Pods?

The pods look like a teabag. They are split into two sections, one being the filter and the other containing the coffee. Before buying these, it is recommended that you check your coffee machine and see if it is able to take these and process them. You can also use a cup depending on what type of pod you have.

You simply put it into your cup, pour in boiling water, and let it brew for a few minutes. When done, you can take the pod out.

These are a convenient way of making coffee as they contain single doses. They are very similar to the capsules, with minimal effort used in making your cup in the morning.

Which Contains More Grams of Caffeine?

The beans actually contain the most caffeine compared to the pods and capsules. Beans have a whopping 10.6 grams per cup of coffee. The pods would contain up to 7.5 grams and would be quite weak compared to the beans.

If you like your coffee really strong, the pods are probably not for you. One single capsule contains about 5 to 7 grams of caffeine.

Which is Better – Capsules, Pods, or Beans?

Coffee capsules are definitely the most convenient. If you are in a hurry and do not want to waste your time in the morning, capsules are the way to go. Beans have to be prepared before being able to add boiling water and consume.

If you are looking for a tastier coffee, then beans are your best option. There is absolutely nothing that will beat the strong taste of a coffee bean. Capsules do not compare to this. They contain good coffee, but beans are the best for quality.

Pods are not too environmentally friendly due to the packaging, same as with capsules. Quantity is a major factor here also. Coffee beans are usually bought in a big package which will last you probably a month or longer, depending on how you drink it before you finish it all.

The pods and capsules come in a package of a certain number, which means they do not last as long.

So, What is the Verdict?

With all this in mind, it really depends on you what you think is better for yourself. If you are looking for a quick fix in the morning, then the capsules or pods would be best for you. If you prefer the taste of actual coffee, the beans are better.

If you want to spend less money, definitely buy the beans as they will last you longer and much better value than the others.


It also depends on what appliances you have in your house. The beans require a grinder as well as a coffee maker. If you do not want to spend extra money on all the appliances, capsules and pods are the way to go.

Coffee Capsules, Pods or Beans – Which is Better?