Critical Tips On How To Prevent Hair Loss

Critical Tips On How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Are you looking out for ways you can use to prevent your hair from falling out? Then this guide is for you. Nowadays, hair loss is a condition that affects many people worldwide. Most people experiencing excessive hair loss can attest to the worry and negative effect on their self-esteem. The situation is familiar with men, but it’s important to know that everyone can suffer from hair loss.

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Unfortunately, several life factors bring your hair into a rest cycle and cause it to fall out. However, aging and genetics are the most significant causes of hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is advisable to visit a physician for treatment.

This article will discuss several causes of hair loss and five tips you can use to prevent it.

What causes hair loss?

Most people lose 50 to 100 hair strands daily, but this is hardly noticeable since new hair grows at the same rate. Hair loss occurs when hair falls out and new hair fails to grow and replace it. The following are some of the causes of hair loss.


Most hair loss occurs as a hereditary condition that generally happens when you age. The situation occurs gradually in predictable patterns.

Medical conditions

Various medical treatments, such as alopecia areata, cause temporary or permanent hair loss. These conditions cause patchy hair loss and hair-pulling disorder.

Critical Tips On How To Prevent Hair LossTaking medication

Hair loss can also result from side effects of using certain drugs involved in cancer treatment, heart problems, depression, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

Hair treatments

When you use hot oil treatments regularly, it may cause your hair to fall out. In case scarring of your scalp occurs, you can lose your hair permanently.

Five tips on how to prevent hair loss

The following are some tips on how to prevent hair loss that will help you keep and maintain your hair.

1. Eat a healthy diet

When you plan for your meals, ensure they are balanced and contain plenty of vitamins. Vitamins are essential for your well-being and good for your hair. Also, they stimulate your scalp and improve your blood circulation.

When your body is in this condition, your follicles remain productive. In addition, your hair stays healthy and in its proper color.

2. Use essential oil to massage your scalp

If you are experiencing hair loss, massaging your scalp using essential oils (such as rosemary oil) regularly has been shown to work almost as well as medication. Essential oils help your hair follicles to remain active.

3. Drink more water

For your hair to grow uninterrupted, you will need to keep your body hydrated. Ensure you drink four to eight glasses of water daily.

4. Avoid using hot water when washing your head

When washing your head, it is advisable to avoid using very hot water. Hot water weakens your hair when it is wet. More so, it is essential to avoid brushing your hair when it’s in this condition as it will increase hair loss. Always use warm water and your fingers to undo any tangles in the head.

5. Eat more protein

Eating a diet with high protein like fish and lean meat promotes your hair health. Protein is good for softening and nourishing your hair. Also, it ensures you have long, thick and healthier hair by adding extra volume to your natural hair.

As a result, it reduces any breakages or splits, thus strengthening any brittle hair strands.

Wrap Up

Everybody loses up to 100 strands daily, but it is rare to notice since new hair proliferates. However, new hair does not regenerate in some people due to several factors such as hormonal imbalance, hereditary issues, hair treatment, or regular use of medication that may trigger baldness.

Adhering to the above tips will help you control your hair loss. However, if the problem persists, consult your doctor for hair loss treatment.

Critical Tips On How To Prevent Hair Loss