Natural Remedies: How To Stop Snoring

how to stop snoring

Let’s cure snoring today

Snoring is undoubtedly an embarrassment for those who have it and a real disturbance for those who face it every night. But why does snoring occurs? Why does someone make a nasty noise in their sleep while breathing?

What exactly causes snoring?

Well, when there is a blockage or narrowing in the airway of the nose or the mouth, the air doesn’t move smoothly and vibrates the tissues when flowing through the mouth or nose to the lungs. These vibrations make the noise that we call snoring.

The air passes through the nose or mouth when you inhale while sleeping. As you inhale, the air enters your mouth and goes through the soft collapsible palate where your tongue and the throat are joined. If this area collapses, the path becomes narrow or blocked. This narrow passage doesn’t let the airflow. This is why the air pushes through the soft palate and creates noise with the vibrating sound. The narrower the place is, the louder the sound will be.

But Why Snoring Doesn’t Occur When We Are Awake?

You might have thought why snoring only happens when you are asleep, haven’t you?

Well, it is because when you are awake, your throat muscles are active and they hold all the tissues tightly in place. But while you are asleep, your muscles relax and allow the tissues to collapse.

The Troubles of Snoring:

Dependable Natural Remedies to Control and Cure SnoringSnoring brings many troubles, starting from poor sleep to insomnia, fatigue during the daytime, and increased health issues of both the snorer and his/her partner who shares the same bed. If you have a partner who snores, then you have certainly undergone the situation where you couldn’t sleep because of your partner’s snoring habit. In this case, you start thinking of ways to prevent or cure snoring.

While there are no medicines to stop snoring, you can find a lot of natural ways and devices to prevent or cure this habit. Let’s check out what are the best natural ways to control and cure snoring.

The Anti-Snoring Devices You Can Find In The Market:

Here are the anti-snoring devices you can opt for. These devices provide the ultimate solution.

The Nasal Strips:

The nasal strips are used to relieve the nasal congestion which might cause snoring. Nasal strips are easily available at medicine stores. These strips allow the air to smoothly pass through the nose and reduce snoring. However, snoring is mostly caused by the collapsing of the throat muscles. So, nasal strips aren’t always an effective remedy for this issue.

Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces:

These mouthpieces keep your lower jaw in a frontward position during sleep and thus help in relieving snoring. But the drawback of this mouthpiece is that it might cause you to salivate during sleep and also deform your jaw-line. So, if you are using it, you need to consult your dentist.

Anti-Snore Sprays:

This spray contains menthol, peppermint, and water that keep the airways open throughout the night by reducing nasal congestion.

However, these devices also have a high failure rate. You can try out some lifestyle changes and natural remedies to control snoring. Read what changes you require in your lifestyle.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking causes the swelling of the mucous membrane and throat tissues which aggravates snoring. So, at least try not to smoke before you go to bed. It is best if you can completely stop smoking.

Sleep On One Side:

Sleeping on a side has been proved beneficial if you are a heavy snorer because it prevents your throat muscles from collapsing at the back of your tongue. But if you lie on your back, your throat muscles will ease back and collapse the airway causing those ghastly sounds.

Dependable Natural Remedies to Control and Cure SnoringUse Pillows Under Your Legs And Head:

Using pillows under your head and leg can elevate your position and prevent snoring. This position will stop the throat muscles from dropping down and narrowing the airway.

Humidify Your Bedroom:

If the dry mouth and dry weather are the sole reasons behind your snoring, then using a humidifier might help you. This device will keep the air moist inside your mouth and thus keep snoring at bay.

Lose Weight:

If you are a little overweight, then you might be more susceptible to snoring. Hence, losing weight prevents your snoring habit.

Practice Pranayama and Breathing Exercises:

Pranayama can help reduce snoring by helping you take deeper inhalation so that you can take the maximum of oxygen. Not only with snoring, but Pranayama also has various other benefits for our body.

Use Herbal Anti-Snoring Pills:

The herbal anti-snoring pills are known to reduce nasal congestion and thus reducing snoring. But it is not always effective if you have other underlying issues. However, if you think that no other remedy is working, you can try out these herbal anti-snoring pills.


So, make sure you follow the above steps to control and cure snoring.