Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

foods to avoid with diabetes

Foods to Avoid If You are at Risk of Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common disease in the world. It is a chronic health problem that is prevalent among all ages. It is high time to talk seriously about diabetes and its prevention. Regular visits with a general doctor, as well as a dentist in Sedona, AZ can catch early symptoms and risk factors for the disease.

Foods to avoid if you have diabetes

If you have a family history you need to take some immediate steps to change your lifestyle. You should quit smoking, control your weight, make a habit of walking and exercises and change your diet.

Eating the wrong foods can promote the risk by raising blood sugar and insulin levels. This article is about what should you not eat if you are having a risk of diabetes.

Here are some foods to avoid if you’re at risk of diabetes.

Sweetened sugar-based beverages

This is one of the worst foods for people with diabetes. Thus, it is recommended to drink alternative beverages such as water or coffee.

Sugary beverages are high in carbs and loaded with fructose, which can lead to metabolic changes. It further causes high cholesterol that can harm your heart as well.

Stored and frozen foods

Most of these types of food are not healthy, but especially for people at risk for diabetes. Many frozen, processed foods are trans-fat foods that are packed with unhealthy fats and chemicals.

Foods to Avoid If You are at Risk of Diabetes Starting TodayOther than frozen foods, margarine spreads, muffins, and some of the other baked products also have trans fats.

These foods do not directly increase blood sugar levels but can increase inflammation.

The effects of such food are indirect but very strong. People need to understand that the effects of trans fats on the body can cause heart problems as well.

Knowing the effects of these products, FDA has restricted these products in most of the areas of the world. Packaged snacks should also be avoided. For recipe ideas consult the best meal diets.

Rice, pasta, and white bread

White flour is not healthy for diabetic people. Products made with white flour should be avoided. Pasta and white bread are the most commonly consumed products that raise blood sugar levels immediately.

Rice also has such properties and fibers that absorbs sugar and increase blood sugar level. Using bran bread and wheat in your food helps in reducing cholesterol, sugar level, and blood pressure.

Flavored yogurt

Fruit-flavored yogurts are high in carbs. Eating plain yogurt is a good option. It is unwise to consider fruit-flavored yogurt as an alternative to ice cream for diabetic people.

Fruit-flavored yogurt actually has an almost equal amount of sugar in it as ice cream has. Plain yogurt can help support weight loss and controls appetite.


Bananas are one of the unhealthiest fruits for people at risk for diabetes. You can have any other fruit that you desire but stay away from bananas if possible. Apricots are good for people at risk of diabetes.

French fries

No matter how tasty fresh fries are, you need to stay away from them. Say no to them. Fried potatoes boost blood sugar levels immediately.


If you keep eating these foods and do not control your sugar level, it can lead to many health problems.

Avoiding such foods can prevent future complications related to diabetes.

Foods to Avoid With Diabetes