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10 Minute Goals

Those big, super scary goals, whether that’s losing 20 pounds (which is a big friggin’ goal), reading your book every night instead of watching 4 episodes of The Blacklist (amazing show), or working towards another career, why can those be so scary? It’s because they are huge! Huge-life changing goals!

This fear stops you from even beginning. It happens to everyone.

It used to happen to me more often until I read a book called “10 Minute Time Management: The Stress-Free Guide to Getting Stuff Done” by Ric Thompson. It’s a super quick read and very short but inside does hold some great tips for completing long goals.

It starts in 10-minute intervals. It starts with 10-minute goals. Or it even starts by working 5 minutes towards your goals a day. Does that sound doable at all?

You have to think of it in bite-sized pieces. It seems self-explanatory, but have you tried it?

From the Founder 10 minute goals 10 minute goal ruleNot only do our big projects seem daunting, they usually take longer than we think. As Ric Thompson explained, “One rule of thumb you should use when setting deadlines for yourself is to carefully consider how much time you expect the entire project to take and multiply that number by 1.5.”

So our goals are scary and they take longer than we think they will. Whelp isn’t that just a ball of fun.

That’s why the 10-minute rule is a great way to break off small pieces of that big goal piece by piece until it really doesn’t seem that bad.

How many times have you put off cleaning your house because it’s going to “take forever”, but once you get started you get lost in the process and an hour later your entire house is clean, and it didn’t seem that bad?

That’s how our goals can be to get started, but once you do, you realize that it isn’t as bad as you thought. Ten minutes can turn into 30 minutes which turns into an hour…etc. The point is that 10-minute goals just help you get started.

If you “only” have to work on something for 10 minutes, you are more bound to jump into it.

If I’ve learned anything about goals over the course of 7 years with DIY Active it’s that getting started is usually the hardest part.

Once you get started, it takes care of itself. Try the 10 minute goal rule on your next big project and see if it helps you start reaching you goals.

As you know, you can also reach out to us anytime. We would love to hear about your goals and even help you reach them because our goal is to help everyone find their True Health Happiness (I’m not sure how many more times I can get the word ‘goal’ into this article).

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From the Founder: 10 Minute Goals