Simple Tips: How To Reduce Stress

how to reduce stress

Tips for Reducing Stress…

We all want to be happy (obviously) and usually, this involves reducing the amount of stress in our lives. It isn’t just about trying out these tips for reducing stress (although they can help), it’s about living a healthy, full life… one day at a time!

The best tips for reducing stress

How do you describe happiness? The definition of happiness seems to be different for everybody.

On the face of it, practically anyone can put on a facade which seems happy but genuine happiness comes from within.

A genuinely happy person’s smile reaches to their eyes. It is often said that people who appear jolly, who make others laugh, are actually very hurt and sad inside but they have mastered the art of keeping a cheerful countenance.

Genuinely happy people make an effort to be happy. It is not that life is a bed of roses for them, for even roses have thorns. Similarly, their life too has their share of challenges, which they accept and find ways in which they can live life to the fullest by developing a positive outlook.

Genuine Happiness Tips for Reducing Stress and Living HealthyHappiness lies within us and does not necessarily come with success, wealth, or attaining your goal/dream. People can be really happy if they let go of negative feelings like guilt, hatred, resentment, envy…etc. This baggage that people carry around with them eats them from inside and prevents them from experiencing true happiness and enjoy life.

We all have a sunny side within us that must be fostered and nourished to keep us lively, stress-free, and healthy. Here are some ways to discover genuine happiness:

Live in the present:

This is one of the fundamental tips for reducing stress. The past may be filled with experiences, both good and bad. People should learn from their mistakes and build up wisdom from their experiences instead of regretting the past.

Happy people bear no grudges and move on with life. They let go of the baggage of fear, pain, anger, or hurt, forgive and forget and move on feeling lighter.

Stop worrying about what the future holds for you because not everything is in your control. However hard it may seem, sometimes just letting go and accepting what life offers is the key to happiness.

Love Life:

Life is like a roller coaster ride – exciting with all the twists and turns, ups and downs, an adventure that you must be prepared for; but sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride and ditch the emotional stress. Sorrows and setbacks help us enjoy success and happiness more.

Understanding this, happy people do not fear challenges but do all they can to overcome them. They do not fight life but make conscious efforts to make life productive, enjoyable, and worthwhile.

Love Yourself:

Do not compare yourself to others. Nobody’s perfect and it’s perfectly alright to be imperfect. People who know their flaws and have come to terms with them, are content and do not chase after people, money, outer beauty, love, work, or other people’s approval.

People who know their self-worth do not need the latest and expensive gadgets…

…Trendy/branded clothes or be overly engrossed in their work to feel good about themselves.

Be around people with whom you can be yourself, you do not need to be pretentious or fake to be socially acceptable. If someone makes you feel bad, either because of your looks, financial status, or being more successful, distance yourself from such people.

Do not just spend life, live it:

Avoid Stress, Stay Active and Give Up Bad Habits. To stay genuinely happy, you need to meditate or find a creative outlet to deal with stressful situations. People tend to make poor food choices when stressed which can lead to obesity and other disease conditions that may cause hindrance in routine activities.

Exercise releases hormones that make you feel happy and keeps you fit.  If you have a bad habit that is hard to break, ask for help from experienced people or join a support group to help you overcome it.

Be honest with yourself and take risks:

Genuine Happiness Tips for Reducing Stress and Living HealthyFor a genuinely happy person, it is important to be at ease with and know oneself whether it may be your feelings or your strengths and weaknesses; though you may not necessarily admit it in front of others.

At the same time, it is sometimes necessary to step out of your comfort zone and navigate into new territory to gain experience in what opportunities life has to offer. It can be thrilling especially if the current job or relationship you are in is not your choice and is making you unhappy.

Giving up the fear of change can open many new worlds and can be an exhilarating feeling!

Follow these simple life rules:

When it comes to tips for reducing stress, it is not possible to keep everyone happy at all times so exercise the right to say “no” especially if it is doing something that makes you unhappy.

Keep your aspirations realistic, do not complain constantly, stop being judgmental, and stop playing the blame game. Do not keep expectations as they will lead to disappointments, especially if you want to maintain cordial relationships.

Having a good sense of humor and being a child at heart, appreciating the good in others, and being motivated instead of jealous of their success.

Find solutions to problems, even if that means asking for someone’s help or advice, they might help you see the problem from a new perspective.


Finally, remember you cannot be happy all the time, and more often than not; most happy people have led difficult lives.

Many a time, life brings us to our knees and we may be at the brink of losing hope.

But remember: “The temptation to give up is the greatest right before you are about to succeed”

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