Healthy, Not High: 5 Ways to Introduce CBD Oil to Your Life

introduce cbd oil to your life

5 Ways to Introduce CBD Oil to Your Life

If you suffer from bodily pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, or acne, take heart: research suggests that CBD oil could be beneficial for all of these conditions. However, CBD is also a substance from the cannabis plant, a situation that has implications for how you can legally source it.

Introduce CBD oil in your life

You also need to be aware that you shouldn’t simply launch straight into using it liberally.

Instead, you should tread carefully to make sure you get the optimum effect from it for your health.

Consider what issue you want to treat

Much of the research into CBD oil’s supposed benefits are suggestive rather than conclusive. However, chances are that, whatever your specific condition, CBD oil could help you to alleviate it in some way. Oh, and it won’t make you high in the process – a point that will be elaborated upon later.

Dr Sarah Brewer tells NetDoctor that CBD oil’s benefits include “promoting relaxation, ensuring a good night’s sleep, reducing pain perception and improving general feelings of wellbeing.”

Make sure you source a legal strain of CBD oil

5 Ways to Introduce CBD Oil to Your LifeWhether CBD oil is legal for you to buy largely depends on where you are. Unlike THC, another chemical compound from the cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, it won’t generate that “high” feeling – but CBD oil can still come with traces of THC.

In the UK, only CBD oil with 0.2% or less THC is legal. Meanwhile, in the US, laws regarding CBD oil can differ state-by-state, though Good Housekeeping provides a good overview of those laws.

Consider how you would like to take the CBD oil

There are many different ways to consume CBD, and some of them seem rather eccentric! For example, you can nibble on CBD foods or even put the substance in your bathwater. You can also take CBD capsules and gummies, spray CBD on your tongue or apply CBD topically as a cream. And apart from that, CBD flower can also be a great consideration if you want to try something different and it also helps with various issues such as body pains, stress, and anxiety.

However, taking CBD oil sublingually with a tincture or vaping the oil, as you can do with a CBD vape pen kit from VSAVI, would have the strongest effect, suggests studies highlighted by Refinery29.

Take the minimum dose initially

You should always let your doctor know before giving CBD oil a go. However, even if your doctor gives you the go-ahead, pay attention to guidelines recommending that you start with as low a dose as possible. You should be able to tell straight away whether the administered dosage is working.

Consider starting with just 10 milligrams of the oil. Once you’re comfortable with this, you can slowly work your way up to higher doses over the coming weeks.

Experiment to see what works for you

Until you do, you can never be certain what the most suitable method would be for you and the particular condition you seek to treat.

It could work especially well for you to incorporate CBD oil usage into your existing habits; avid vapers, for example, would be well-advised to vape the oil.


Think you’re ready to introduce CBD oil to your life? While it may seem like a sure thing, be sure to consult your physician before taking any new supplement!

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Healthy, Not High: 5 Ways to Introduce CBD Oil to Your Life