How Can I Heal My Prostate Naturally?

How Can I Heal My Prostate Naturally

Heal My Prostate Naturally

If breast care is to a woman, to a man, it’s the prostate. While prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, are prevalent and relatively curable, and manageable, this doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to fall into this trap. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with prostate problems, it isn’t too late for you to make positive changes in your health. This doesn’t mean that you’ve got to go through drastic measures for you to go through healing.

How can I heal my prostate naturally?

There are many ways for you to heal your prostate naturally. Some of these include:

  1. Drink Less Alcohol And Caffeine
  2. Consume African Plum Extract
  3. Consume Pumpkin Seed
  4. Use Orbignya Speciosa (Babassu)
  5. Drink Fewer Beverages In The Evening
  6. Urinate Before Leaving The House

1. Drink Less Alcohol And Caffeine

If you’ve been the type to enjoy drinking sprees, now’s the time for you to mellow down.

When your doctor tells you that you’ve got an enlarged prostate, the good news is that you have the chance to make natural lifestyle changes.

How Can I Heal My Prostate Naturally Starting TodayOne of the lifestyle changes that you have to make is consuming less alcohol and coffee.

This also includes fizzy drinks and those that are clad with artificial sweeteners. You’ve heard it over and over again, these drinks aren’t suitable for your body, specifically, your bladder.

The more that you continue to expose yourself to these drinks, the more that your urinary symptoms are going to be difficult.

2. Take In African Plum Extract

If you have access to African plum extract, go ahead and hoard it up. This is also commonly known as Pygeum. As a natural remedy, this is very rich in beta-sitosterol.

This type of sterol has a positive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect on your urogenital tract, which the prostate belongs to.

One of the best supplements that contain beta-sitosterol is Protagenix. To be exact about the dosage of this supplement and to learn more about it, always ask a medical professional as well.

3. Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seed extracts are one of the healthiest natural remedies that you can do for your prostate.

Pumpkin seed contains high levels of beta-sitosterol. As mentioned, this component can help improve the flow of urine in your urinary system.

And, every time that you urinate, it also reduces the amount of urine left. Overall, this helps combat the uncomfortable sensations that you may be feeling in your urogenital system.

4. Orbignya Speciosa (Babassu)

Orbignya Speciosa is also commonly referred to as Babassu. This refers to a palm tree plant that is native to Brazil. In ancient times, native Brazilian tribes used dried kernels from this plant to treat urogenital problems.

These urogenital problems would later be known as prostate enlargement or prostate cancer.

Babassu is known to be effective because of its components that slow down the production of testosterone.

With lesser production of testosterone, the lining of the prostate also thins down, thereby reducing its enlarged size.

5. Drink Fewer Beverages In The Evening

Drink fewer beverages when you’re about to end your day. There’s no need for you to keep hydrating yourself so very often when all that you’re going to do is head off to bed.

The less that you drink at night, the less likely it is that you’re going to have to keep getting up in between your sleep.

This better assures you of a good night’s sleep. Remember, being well-rested is important for your body to naturally heal.

6. Urinate Before Leaving The House

Before you leave your house, always make it a habit to empty your bladder. Do this every time regardless of whether you’re only going somewhere nearby, or even more so when you’re going on a long journey.

When you leave the house on an empty bladder, this also lessens the chances of you missing out when it’s time for you to urinate.

Especially when there’s no public toilet around, there’s always the tendency for you to hold your pee until such time that you find one.

But, the more that you do this, the more that you’re making your prostate unhealthy.

With a prostate problem, even a simple act such as urinating is already excruciating for you to do.

Ease this kind of discomfort by simply making a habit of leaving your house with an empty bladder.


An enlarged can be painful and uncomfortable. Especially when it comes to urinating.

Prostate problems are common among men, and they can significantly affect the quality of their lives. Hence, you need to be able to manage your symptoms effectively.

With this list of natural remedies, you can be closer towards gently healing your prostate.

How Can I Heal My Prostate Naturally?