How Gummy Vitamins Can Improve Your Health

gummy vitamins

The Hype Behind Gummy Vitamins

Energy, stamina, focus… who couldn’t use more of that in ONE simple step? Who couldn’t use a customized multi-vitamin sent to your door that improves your life? One small step a day… that’s it! Check out all the hype behind gummy vitamins and how you can get 50% off your next order below

So many vitamins…

I’ve never been into taking a daily multi-vitamin. It’s not that I didn’t think they would be effective, which they can be at filling in the gaps from your diet and can definitely improve your health, nor was it because it was too expensive.

It was simply because it wasn’t on the radar and the last thing that I wanted to do was choke down a bigass chalky horse-pill each morning.

Nothing like starting the day off right with the worst taste possible…

Do You Even Need Daily Vitamins?

One small step to improve your health How Gummy Vitamins Can Improve Your HealthMany people simply write off multi-vitamins because they say you can get enough vitamins and minerals from your normal balanced diet or they disclaim any health benefits.

I’m not saying they are wrong, but there are a plethora of studies out there that show multi-vitamins can improve your physical and mental health. What’s more is, who honestly eats a balanced diet to garner all of the vitamins they need each day?

Sure, I wish we all did but hardly any of us actually do with our hectic lives. That’s why a daily gummy vitamin can be helpful in filling those nutritional gaps – even if it’s a small addition.

Many times taking an initially healthy first step, like consuming gummy vitamins, can lead to a next healthy step and then another and another…etc.

Gummy Vitamins

Why gummy vitamins, huh? Why not pills or liquid supplements? Well, it all came down to the fact that vitafive sent me a customized box of “active” multi-vitamin gummies to help me get started.

I’m talking so customized that each daily packet had my name printed on them! This couldn’t have come at a better time!

At the time I was really hunkering down to help DIY Active grow, putting in 80+ hours a week. On top of that, I was listening to Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule. Basically, listening to that made me want to work 90+ hours a week, it’s that motivating… I should get him on the site to do a little motivating. [Side Note: you should check it out – it will change your life!]

So I was pushing myself harder than ever, working overtime. I was getting tired, lethargic, and simply trying not to fall asleep at my desk during those mid-afternoon blues. Frankly, I was a draggin’ ass!

Daily Dose of Vitamins

How Gummy Vitamins Can Improve Your Health SideSo, when I got my supply, I figured that I had nothing to lose! From the get-go, I could tell that I had improved energy and focus. I could push myself harder and farther as well. Whether this was the placebo effect or that they are that effective, it doesn’t matter… they simply worked!

The great thing is I don’t mind taking them every morning whatsoever. It’s basically like grabbing a pack of kid’s fruits snacks and going to town.

Plus, you can pick between different groups of vitamins for your respective goal! Want to improve brain or heart health? Immune system function? Need to sleep better? Power your active lifestyle? Just want your normal daily supplement? Or you can even customize your packs to get exactly what you need.

You can do it all with this cool little product. Did I mention they are gluten-free and Kosher, Vegan, and Vegetarian approved?

It boils down to a customizable (who doesn’t want things their way?), easy to consume, tasty, effective product delivered right to your door.

This could be that healthy step in the right direction you’ve been avoiding!


While the science is still being compiled, the gummy vitamins by vitafive definitely have put some pep back in my step!

whether you pick vitafive or any other supplement, take that first healthy step to improve your health and change your life!

From improving your energy to simply making you ‘feel’ healthier, check out vitafive and how its personalized plan can help you!

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How Gummy Vitamins Can Improve Your Health