How Massage Affects the Nervous System

How Massage Affects the Nervous System and Your

How Massage Affects the Nervous System

The thing you can never lie to in your body is your nervous system. It’s always aware of everything that goes on in the body. This is enabled by your nerves which communicate to the brain the message which is relayed through the spinal cord. Then the brain relays the same information to the body organs and as a result, the body acts according to the relayed information.

Find out how massage affects the nervous system

Well, that is just the biological way of explaining what happens, but the basics are that when massage is done to the body, it stimulates the body.

This triggers the production of specific hormones which are so important in the body; these hormones are not often released when they are not triggered. The hormones released are responsible for effective and very specific body functions.

First, keep in mind is that not just anyone is qualified to give you a massage. You need a qualified therapist like My Home Therapy. This is very important because massage can be harmful if done incorrectly.

How Massage Affects the Nervous System and YourOkay, back to it. The hormones that are triggered by massage include:


This is also famously known as the happy hormone. This hormone brings out the moods in a person, including the feeling of happiness, joy among other good moods.

However, this hormone can exist in very low amounts which triggers your sad moods. When one undergoes massage the level of this hormone rises, this changes the moods of a person, and they will feel happy and inspired and joyful.

In this case, massage has shown to be very beneficial in bringing about happy moods in a person.


I think this is the commonly known hormone, it is also known as a fight hormone. This hormone is given this name because of its nature of triggering the emotions of danger and insecurity. The hormone is also related to aiding the development of stress and in the body.

The good news is that massage can be used to lower the amount of this hormone. When it comes to cortisol, massage can help you deal with stress.

The more times you get a massage, the less cortisol you will have.


This is a hormone that acts as a pain killer and is responsible for counteracting pain in the body and help the body to ensure that everything is doing just fine.

It is believed that massage can help to trigger the production of this hormone in large quantities; this is why after the massage the pain that was there before goes away.


This is also known as a calming hormone, it is responsible for regulating the mood so that appropriate action can be taken.

The hormone is responsible for making the body calm and reducing irritation. When this hormone is low, it can be a possible cause of depression and other kinds of disorders. But when massage is done regularly, serotonin production increases can lead to you feeling calm and relaxed.


There are techniques used in massage that involves exposing heat to the body, which has an effect on the nervous system. Too much heat can cause damage to the nerves in the nervous system since these nerves are quite sensitive.

If the temperature goes too high it can cause the loss of sensitivity of the nervous system and this is too dangerous to the nervous system. During a massage, it should be noted that only a reasonable amount of heat should be used to avoid such damages.


It’s evident that massage has a direct effect on the nervous system. By triggering hormone production, these hormones stimulate the mood in the body.

It can also be said that massage plays a very big role in relieving stress, discomfort, and anxiety all because of this hormone triggering!

How Massage Affects the Nervous System