How Often Should You Go To The Dentist?

How Often Should You Go To The Dentist

How Often Should You Go To Visit A Dentist?

Most people know that having a dental checkup from time to time is important when it comes to the health of their mouth. However, how many of them spare their time from their busy schedules to visit a dentist?

Why Should You Go To The Dentist?

Most people will see a dentist only when they have a problem that needs to be addressed. To make matters worse, a lot of people do not see a dentist as often as they should, something that has adverse effects on their dental health.

So, do you know how often you should see a dentist? Why is it important for you to actually see one regularly and are there special conditions that require you to see a dentist more times than recommended?

Number of Times You Should See a Dentist

Different areas have different recommendations on the number of times that people should see a dentist. However, in most areas such as the United States of America, the standard recommendation for both adults and children is after every six months.

Even though some people might argue that this is expensive, it gets way cheaper with the right dental coverage. You will be able to visit a dentist for an oral exam and cleaning without feeling a pinch on your pocket if you are insured.

This is because most insurance companies cover a maximum of two check-ups every year, a frequency that meets the recommendations of dental professionals. This ensures that any dental problems can be identified early enough and treated before they develop into major issues.

Exceptions To The Six Month Frequency for Dental Check-Ups

1. Cancer Patients

How Often Should You Go To The DentistCancer patients might be asked to see a dentist more often than the recommended six-month frequency. This is because some of the medications that they use are known to dry the mouth, something that puts patients at risk of developing dental problems.

2. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often go through hormone fluctuations throughout their pregnancies. This puts the women at an increased risk especially when it comes to cavities and gum diseases.

3. Smokers (Use of Tobacco)

One of the major health concerns with the use of tobacco is the fact that it causes gum diseases. In addition, it even makes it more difficult for the body to completely heal after undergoing oral surgery or any other dental procedure.

If you are a smoker, you need to consult your dentist and get to know how often you need to go for a check-up.

4. Diabetic People

You need to get advice from a dental professional on the number of times you should see a dentist if you are diabetic because the illness is known to contribute to oral problems, especially gum problems.

5. Heart Patients

One of the most effective ways of preventing heart complications is by making sure that you observe oral health. This is because if you have bacteria in the mouth, they can easily find their way to the heart, showing that there exists a connection between oral health and heart disease.

This explains the reason why people who often have issues with their oral health have been found to have high chances of developing cardiovascular problems compared to those who observe oral health.

It, therefore, means that you need to see a dentist more times in a year if you have heart problems. Additionally, ensuring that you have observed oral health and visited a dentist at least twice a year even when you are okay plays a vital role in preventing heart problems.

What Happens During an Oral Check-Up?

A visit to your dentist for a check-up is not going to take more than one hour of your time. The dentist is simply going to check your dental health and offer any recommendations or advice on how to spot and prevent gum disease.

Even though different dental clinics implement different procedures when doing a check-up on a patient, most of them conduct several things such as polishing and cleaning, X-Rays, cavity detection, screening for oral cancer, gum health assessment, existing dental conditions check-up, and cavity detection.


Visiting a dental clinic as recommended for cleaning and check-up is preventative care. It helps you ensure that you are healthy at all times. In addition, it is less expensive and takes less time to treat oral health problems when they are still young.

You can also get recommendations on the things you should do to improve the measures you have implemented at home when it comes to your oral health and hygiene.

You should, therefore, make sure that you see a dentist at least twice a year, not unless you have any of the conditions discussed above.

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How Often Should You Go To The Dentist?