Heart Pollution: How to Keep Your Heart Safe from Pollution

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How to Keep Your Heart Safe

Pollution is increasing day by day, but are we really concerned? Do we even think that industrial waste is a major cause of air and water pollution? Industries like lead, dye, plastic injection molding and chemical industries cause a lot of harm to every individual directly or indirectly.

Keep your heart safe from pollution

After some research, we found that pollution has a major impact on people’s health conditions; many youths are suffering from heart disease. Let’s discuss the various types of diseases and their effects.

Heart disease in itself covers many other problems related to the heart, unlike cardiovascular diseases which generally describe the problem in blood circulation and blood vessels. According to the Centre for Disease Control, heart problems are a major cause of the increase in death rate.

Major reasons for heart problems are generally due to smoking, pollution, and the release of toxic materials from plastic molding factories. Coronary heart disease and myocardial infection are some examples of heart disease.

Heart Pollution How to keep your heart safe from pollution Starting TodayVarious types of heart diseases affect various organs and have different medications. Among them, we will first discuss congenital heart disease.

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease is a kind of disease that generally occurs from birth.

In congenital heart disease, there are few classifications like Atria sepal defect where there is a hole between the two chambers of the heart.

This disease leads to an obstruction defect where the blood flowing through the chambers of the heart is partially or completely blocked.


The second type of heart disease is Arrhythmia, in which the rate of the heartbeat is not regular. Sometimes it may be low or sometimes it may be high.

Arrhythmia can be fatal if the change in the rate of heartbeat is due to a damaged heart.

Coronary Artery Disease

The third type of disease is coronary artery disease.

Generally, coronaries supply oxygen and nutrients to the heart but due to the deposition of cholesterol in the coronaries, they fail to supply a good amount of oxygen and nutrients to the heart.


The fourth and the major kind of heart disease is asthma in which the inner lining of the bronchial tubes gets swollen or infected.

According to the survey conducted by the United Nations, it stated that around 8.3% of the population suffers from asthma.

The main cause of asthma is generally due to pollution and poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and the survey report clearly state that people working in factories and plastic injection molding industries have a huge risk of heart disease.

Preventative Measures

With the growing population and pollution in the environment, chances of deterioration in the condition of the heart and also other organs have increased.

We need to find some measures to prevent this form of heart disease which includes regular exercise. This will strengthen the heart and circulatory system, reduce cholesterol, and maintain blood pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure increase the risk for an unhealthy heart and small defects can be fatal. These are just to be cautious for people working in any factories.

People working there must take special preventative measures like wearing masks and go for a regular check-up to keep them safe.


Obviously, you can’t forget the basic preventative measure of not smoking. Frankly, if you’re still smoking, it’s a great time to try to stop!

So, be careful and live a healthy lifestyle and keep your heart safe.

Heart Pollution: How to Keep Your Heart Safe from Pollution