How Owning a Pet Can Make You Healthier

How Owning a Pet Can Make You Healthier

Owning a Pet Can Change Your Life

We hear from childhood that a dog is our best friend. But loyal animals can be more than just companions for lonely people or playmates for children. Here are five reasons to get a dog.

Owning a Pet Can Make You Healthier

Swedish scientists have found that dog owners are 23% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than those who do not dare to have a dog. Veterinarian and epidemiologist Professor Tove Fall, who led the study, said that over 12 years, experts have compared the maximum number of factors in the life of 3.4 million people aged 40-80 years.

Scientists have previously noted a relationship between a low incidence of heart disease and the presence of a dog in humans, but could not prove it. Prior to Tove Fall’s research, one would have assumed that dogs, cats, and goldfish alike affect the well-being of their owners.

Swedish experts have confirmed that a dog helps a person to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good mood. Tove Fall hopes the research will help people understand how important and useful dogs are.

Given the fact that dogs play such an important role in their owners’ health and wellbeing, the least we can do is ensure our furry friends are safe. Getting dog insurance from companies like Bivvy is a great option – because pets can have accidents or get sick when we least expect it.

1. Dogs encourage us to be more active

A dog is a restless pet that needs walks and games more than other pets. Therefore, the dog owner is forced to be physically active every day in any weather. According to Professor Fall, with her dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, she ran 10 km every day. Constant movement and exercise help us maintain physical and mental health.

If you don’t have much time for that, you can at least go shopping with your dog, as there are more pet-friendly stores than you realize. Almost at every corner, you can find beauty salons for animals, veterinary clinics, pet shops, etc. With your pet, you can go to the park or even to a bar – your pet will be welcome everywhere.

How Owning a Pet Can Make You HealthierThe American Heart Association notes that 54% more dog owners exercise the doctor’s recommended amount of activity (two and a half hours a day) than those who do not have such a pet.

2. Dogs prolong the life of their owners

In dog lovers, the level of triglycerides (a type of fat) and cholesterol in the blood decreases, and blood pressure normalizes. Dog owners recover better from heart attacks, including a reduced risk of dying within a year after an attack, compared to those without a pet.

In addition, doctors note that lonely people who are hospitalized recover much faster if their beloved dog is waiting for them at home.

3. Dogs help cope with depression

Dogs calm people down and help to cope with depression – communication with pets cheers up and brings the owners to a peaceful state in 15-30 minutes.

Dog owners are less anxious and cope with stress better – in unpleasant situations, their blood pressure does not rise so much, their pulse quickens, and they return to normal faster.

The presence of a dog in the house or nearby on a walk creates a sense of security in a person, which allows him to be more relaxed and calm.

4. Dogs help children grow up healthy

Sometimes parents of toddlers refuse dogs because they have a lot of dirt and clutter. However, having a dog’s hair in the home reduces the risk of children developing asthma, animal allergies, and eczema.

As noted by Dr. Tolly Epstein of the University of Cincinnati (USA), a child with an identified allergy to dogs is four times less likely to suffer from eczema if there is a dog in the house. In addition, in the family of dog breeders, children are less likely to catch colds or get sick with viral infections.

The dog in the house helps the kid learn to take responsibility for another living creature. Taking care of a pet teaches you to be more attentive and kinder towards animals and people.

5. Dogs help make friends

People have dogs to cope with loneliness. But a dog can not only be a companion but also find new friends for the owner. Scientists emphasize that humans are social beings. Communication makes us happier, even if we claim to be alone. And happy people feel better and get sick less often.

Therefore, a dog is a great excuse to talk to another dog owner, even for a shy person. Common questions about the breed or admiration for a pet will allow you to get to know and make friends with other people.

How Owning a Pet Can Make You Healthier