The Best Clothes To Work Out In

best clothes to work out in

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How the Right Workout Attire Can Help

Hitting the gym with the right gear can help you feel comfy yet confident. And when you feel great, you work out with more energy and passion.

Get the right workout attire

Today workout clothing is not only stylish but also functional, as it provides greater performance, allowing free and agile movements while fully supporting the figure and in some cases even regulating body temperature.


A good pair of sneakers is maybe the number one essential. The key factors to take into consideration when choosing the pair to buy are mainly two: stability and comfort.

That said, style and appearance are also important, and today most sports brands are more attentive when it comes to how their sneakers look. A lot also depends on the sport you practice: if you are a runner, support and comfort are something you cannot overlook.

If you strength train or lift weights, the support isn’t quite as important but still can make a difference in your back support and overall posture.

The sporty-chic style has been very trendy these past few years and even high-end brands have started to design shoes that are comfortable enough for doing sports.

For example, in fashion stores like Luisaviaroma, you can find many chic and sporty sneakers by top designers, like Alexander McQueen’s sneakers for women. This kind of shoe is very fashion-oriented, yet perfectly wearable during a gym session.

Choosing a fashionable sneaker like this also gives you the option to wear the sneakers outside the gym and still look put together.


There are a lot of different options for workout tops, ranging from tight, cropped, muscle tees, and more.

How the Right Workout Attire Can Help You Perform Better Starting Today

Many people pair high-waisted leggings with cropped workout tops for freedom of movement, not having to pull on or adjust your top during your workout, and also as a stylish option.

If your main priority is comfort, a cotton shirt is a great option for workouts that don’t get you seriously sweaty, like yoga for example.

If you practice sports like running then you’ll want a top that will pull moisture away from the skin, like ones made with moisture-wicking fabric (often high-tech polyester).

This will make you feel much more comfortable, as the fabric is highly breathable.

Leggings or shorts

It is important to find a pair of leggings that works best for your body type so that you don’t have to constantly adjust them during a workout.

Leggings give you that slightly compressive fit for an extra boost and greatly help to carry out a more effective workout.

Bonus: you can confidently run errands before your workout in a pair of leggings.

A pair of shorts is a great option when the weather is hot and/or you prefer to let your legs breathe and be free. Just be sure to find a pair that fits you properly and does not gap or ride up while training.


Pants, particularly sweatpants, come in fitted and loose styles.

Not everyone wants to wear tight leggings for a workout, and so a pair of pants with a tailored leg will give you that elongated leg effect, but with the added breathability for your workout.

Sports bra

A good sports bra gives you the right support and improves your shoulder and back posture.

It’s essential for good performance and for taking care of your body while working out, as it protects your chest area from impact and other health effects.

Sports bag

A nice gym bag with plenty of pockets to fit all of your clothing and gym essentials is a must.

It’s no fun and rather inconvenient to carry your water bottle, phone, towel, wallet, and other gym essentials by hand. A sports bag keeps things organized and your hands-free.


Do you have any favorite fashion items that help you work out? What is the right workout attire for you?

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The Best Clothes To Work Out In