How To Choose A Quality Protein Powder For Weight Loss

protein powder for weight loss

Confused About Protein Powder?

When you participate in physical activities, such as workouts or weight lifting, muscular tissues are broken down which means you need to repair them. Protein can help repair these tissues, improve muscle growth and provide energy.

Proteins are naturally found in certain food groups including eggs, milk cheese, chicken, beef, and fish.  Other forms of protein can be found in supplements including protein powder shakes.  If you are a vegetarian you can find proteins in nuts, potatoes, rice, and pasta but they are not considered high-end protein resources.  Looking into quality protein powder shakes with health guide reviews might be the answer.

Protein powder to build muscle

How to Choose a Quality Protein Powder ShakeIf you want to gain muscle mass or lose weight, a good start is to increase your protein intake. You can calculate your intake of protein by multiplying your weight by 1.5, then divide that intake into 5 to 6 meals per day.

For many people, consuming 6 steaks or 6 eggs every day is simply impossible.  Therefore, alternatives for consuming this much protein should be considered.  Consuming 2 or 3 protein powder shakes just might be the solution.

Protein Shake Advantages:

  • They are super convenient
  • You will get the same amount of amino acids as consuming 6 steaks a day
  • A better and faster absorption before a workout
  • A constant supply of amino acids throughout your body

As you can see, there are many good reasons why including protein shakes in your diet is a good idea.  That said, now comes the real challenge!  How do you know which protein powder shake will provide you with the protein requirements throughout your day?

There are different kinds of protein shakes on the market, finding the one that is best for you is the challenge.  There are protein shakes known as “mass gainers”.  Mass gainers include an intake of carbs, fats, and proteins. If you are looking for only protein, then you need to stay away from mass gainers.

Those who are new to vigorous workouts, like lifting weights, usually make the mistake of believing mass gainers are the answer.  Consuming protein drinks that include fats can lead to excess calories and body fat.

Here’s the guideline you should follow when choosing a good protein powder shake:

  • Low in Fat between 1 to 5 grams
  • Low in Carbs between 1 and 5 grams
  • High in Protein around 20 to 30 grams per serving

Check Out The Product’s History

How to Choose a Quality Protein Powder ShakeWith the internet, it’s really easy to find out information about the company and how long their product has been on the market.  Also, check out consumer reviews.

As a general rule, stick to a product that has been on the market for approximately 3 years and has good reviews from consumers.  Reviews on the company’s site are not necessarily true, so search for independent review sites.

Usually, if a product has a staying power of three or more years, consumers are choosing it many times over.

Keep in mind – quality over quantity.  Read the label and make sure it does not have more than 7 to 10 ingredients and look for one that provides more natural ingredients vs artificial ones.  As with many products on the market, if the label is loaded with ingredients you cannot possibly pronounce, move on to something else.

Some companies will make a claim providing an ingredient that promotes muscle growth.  Although there might be a small portion of said ingredient, it’s probably not enough to make any real difference.  These companies also increase the cost of their product, claiming this added ingredient is worth the price – no it’s not!

A really good protein powder shake should be absorbed in a moderate rate and should be utilized between normal meals.

Two important proteins to look for:

Whey: This is a protein isolate that absorbs quickly after a workout.  It sends proteins and amino acids to muscles that are in need.

Casein:  Digestion of this protein lasts for a longer period of time than concentrates or isolates. Bodybuilders and athletes usually want this kind of protein as the last meal of the day or before going to sleep.  It will provide a constant flow of amino acids throughout the night.


Stay away from hype and overbearing commercials from companies.  Read labels and compare one to another.

Packaging that is relatively simple vs shiny and enticing are usually higher in quality ingredients and not trying to draw you in with hype.  Again, search the company, check labels and choose a protein powder shake with common sense.

How To Choose A Quality Protein Powder For Weight Loss