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Exercise For Your Body Type? Does it matter?

Does it matter what you eat or how you exercise for your body type? From people who can’t seem to gain muscle to those who can’t budge the friggin scale, our guest author takes a look at simple ways to eat and exercise for your body type – DIY style!

Exercise For Your Body Type the Right Way

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends still look skinny even after eating a huge meal while you stay chubby even when you are not fond of eating?

Hate it or love it, it’s all because of your body type.

There are three categories of body types men and women could fall into – Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.

Body types are pre-set by your genes and can significantly affect the way your body looks.

More than that, it also influences how your body will respond to your diet and exercise regimen.

The Ectomorph

Exercise For Your Body Type Ectomorph(naturally skinny, flat-chested, small bones and frames, long-legged, hard muscle gainer)

Ectomorphs are naturally skinny with thin physiques and relatively little fat and muscle mass. For ectomorphs, counting calories is never an issue.

This may be a blessing for some women who want to be skinny but a burden for men who wish to bulk up. Men and women who fall into this category can eat anything yet remain thin.

It is because of the ectomorphs’ small frame and bone structure, high carbohydrate tolerance, fast metabolism, rapid fat-burning, and slow muscular growth.

What to eat

If you want to add muscles and curves to your ectomorph body, you should pack on more complex carbohydrates, quality protein sources, and healthy fats.

To increase and support muscle growth, increase your intake of lean protein sources such as whey, nuts, chicken, turkey breast, and egg whites.

Make sure to eat more calories than you burn for added gains and never skip meals.

How to train

Some of the cons of being an ectomorph are having a difficult time gaining weight and muscle, tendency to overtrain easily, and unsuitableness to perform high frequency and high-intensity weight training.

The key to training an ectomorph body is to keep workouts under an hour and regularly changing exercises to promote muscle-building and avoid reaching a plateau.

Be consistent with your workout schedule to increase your chances of gaining more muscles. You also need to make your workouts intensive over time.

The Endomorph

Exercise For Your Body Type Endomorph(round and soft, hourglass or pear-shaped, short arms, legs, and limbs, easy weight gainer)

Endomorphs are the exact opposites of ectomorphs. They are characterized by large, round, and plump bodies. It seems like a struggle for endomorphs to lose and shed pounds because of their naturally fat body type.

It is also because endomorphs have an extra slow metabolism, massive bone structure, hearty appetites, and a high tendency to store body fat. Compared to other body types, this is the body type that needs more effort to be able to maintain and manage a healthy weight.

What to eat

Endomorphs need to exert more effort and discipline to burn body fat. To do this, you must eat more healthy natural fats, high-fiber foods, and lean protein foods to shed calories and build lean muscles.

For an endomorph, it is best to stay away from junk, fried, and oily foods. It is also best to avoid high-sugar and high-carb or starchy foods.

Don’t skip meals or starve yourself and drink as much water as possible.

How to train

Although it may be hard for an endomorph to lose significant weight, it is still possible and workable. Your exercise regimen must focus on building muscles, boosting metabolism, and burning extra body fat. You need to do both cardio and weight training.

Cardio helps burn calories and fat while weight training increases metabolism.

As an endomorph, you may need to combine two exercises per day in your routine – one with intense cardio and one with intense weightlifting. But, make sure not to overtrain.

The Mesomorph

Exercise For Your Body Type Mesomorph(hard body, lean and muscular, well-defined chest and shoulders, athletic, easy muscle gainer)

The mesomorph body type is the perfect mix of the two other body types – the ectomorph and the endomorph. Mesomorphs are the apple of the eye of the other body types because of their ideal genetic traits.

Mesomorphs are lean but not skinny, and muscular but not big. They also have ideal body frames, metabolic rates, and an athletic physique with a relatively low percentage of body fat. Mesomorphs do not have much trouble in shedding extra fat, unlike endomorphs, and they can gain muscle quickly, unlike ectomorphs.

What to eat

You may have the ”perfect” body as a mesomorph, but you need to maintain your body through a balanced mixed diet. The basic meal ratio for mesomorphs is 40% complex carbohydrates, 30% healthy fats, and 30% lean protein. You also need to include healthy fiber as a major part of your meal plans.

You may also need to reduce high-starch and high-sugar foods to maintain your body.

How to train

Mesomorphs are naturally strong to handle high-intensity and high-frequency training. They are the best candidates for bodybuilding and weightlifting.

To build size, you can do multiple weekly resistance training using moderate to heavy weights with short rest between sets.

Make use of your natural strength and do high-intensity training exercises and weight training. But, because your body type is the best deal, you can try a variety of other workouts.


You can choose not to be stuck in your naturally given body type forever. With consistent discipline to train properly and to eat the right foods, you can get the body you want.

Determine your body type and start from there. Ask for the professional help from experts if you want to avoid weight training mistakes and to reach your body goals better.

Don’t let your body type define and limit your maximum body potential – eat and exercise for your body type!

Sanford Harvey is a researcher and writer at Genemedics Health Institute, a hormone replacement therapy clinic in the different states of USA consisting of highly trained hormone specialists.
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