How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing With a Tranquil Home

How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing With a Tranquil Home

How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Getting your home right to help improve your mental wellbeing in check is no easy task, but it is more essential than ever. Before, we used to be so busy at work in a traditional office that we were barely noticing what our homes were like.

Your Mental Wellbeing

Now, our work busyness and our home are one and the same, and finding peace there has become harder to achieve. It’s time to take steps to create a home that’s more tranquil and pleasant.

Make It Easier to Breathe

It’s probably escaped your notice that the air filters in the AC units haven’t been changed in, well, forever! Or, at least, when you stop to test it out, the air does feel stuffy, doesn’t it?

That’ll be because the filters are probably months past the time when they should have been removed and replaced with new ones. As a result, dirt isn’t getting filtered out and the air is hotter than it should be too.

To keep the air cleaner and the AC units able to keep the temperature down, it’s necessary to get better at remembering to change the filters. Set a reminder if you need to – it works great to give yourself a nudge to not forget.

Purchase a bulk number of filters, so you don’t get down to the last one. Filterbuy is a reliable source of supply – they have AC filters to fit different makes and models.

Reduce Unwanted Sound

It’s hard to feel happy in a home when there’s too much ambient noise from outside the property reaching the interior. Then you’re stuck having to either block it out mentally or get some headphones to do it that way. Neither solution is ideal.

How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing With a Tranquil Home TodayIt’s a good idea to look into how to soundproof a room. For the rooms that experience the most problems with exterior sound or noise coming through the walls from the neighbor’s side, it’s necessary to purchase some soundproof materials to deaden it.

This can include rubber floor mats, sound-absorbing panels on some of the walls, and more.

It doesn’t need to be expensive to set up either. While there are expensive products in soundproofing, there are also inexpensive options.

The latter might not be quite as effective, but they’re a good way to cut down the din without breaking the bank. Then you can find more peace.

Declutter Your Living Space

Maybe you’ve gotten used to a living space with far too many personal possessions including books, DVDs, clothes, shoes, and who knows what else in each room. It takes up space in your head as well as in the room itself.

It’s hard to think clearly when it’s like that! This type of clutter is easy to accumulate but takes a while to process and get rid of it.

Take one room at a time, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Aim to declutter just one room at a time by going through it methodically. Pick out what you no longer need or use. Plan for what will be sold, given away, or donated. Make different piles for each. Continue the process until you’ve substantially reduced the clutter. Then move onto room #2.

Increase the Light Levels

There is a direct connection between the amount of light in a room and how we feel when we’re in it. Subsequently, sitting in a darkened room during the daytime is not a healthy way to live.

Similarly, increasing the available light in a room – even artificially created light – is better than the space being darker. It will benefit your mental wellbeing to add LED lights and sometimes colored bulbs to change how a room feels to you. That way, you’ll feel happier when inside it.

Add Some Plants

A home will feel more vibrant and alive when there’s plant life around. It lifts the mood and reminds you that you’re a part of all living things. Pick some indoor plants that you prefer and will be happy to tend to.

Adding some greenery will increase the peace and tranquility that you’ll feel there. This is even truer when you don’t benefit from a backyard.

Less is More

While you don’t have to go all through Feng Shui to balance the five elements, that doesn’t mean that removing some furniture to edge towards minimalism is a bad thing.

What people discover when enjoying more floor space is that it feels open, airy, and free. This isn’t realized until they’ve done it and cannot be envisaged before doing so.

Look to reduce the furnishings that you own. Have some perform double-duty to allow you to remove other pieces. Sometimes, this even leads to being happier in a smaller home and canceling a long-mooted plan to upscale.


To create a tranquil home means different things to each person. Yet, by following a few of the suggestions above that hold the most appeal, it will be a good start.

How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing With a Tranquil Home