Tips for Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment

Working out in the luxury of your home gym is the best thing ever. You don’t need to think about getting to the gym since it’s within your home. It also spares you from feeling self-conscious since you can work out in privacy. Another thing you will love is that the equipment is all yours, unlike in a public gym where you need to wait in line until that piece of equipment is open.

Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment

What most people don’t remember is that gym equipment also needs to be cleaned. The equipment easily gets gross after use because of the sweat. If not cleaned, the equipment can accumulate bacteria which is not good for your health.

It’s also crucial to clean your home equipment to preserve and prolong its life. Wondering how to clean your home gym? Here are tips for cleaning your home gym equipment.

Clean dumbbells and balls

Dumbbells are one of the easiest pieces of equipment to clean. Neoprene-coated dumbbells should be cleaned with warm soapy water. The easiest way to do this is to take a bath for them. Pop the dumbbells in a bathtub and add some non-abrasive dish soap. You can also use a big bucket or a basin.

You can also mix some vinegar and water in a bottle for cleaning this equipment. Ensure you wipe and let too dry after spraying this solution on the equipment. Please avoid using any products with alcohol as they break down plastic.

Clean your treadmills

Sweat can trickle down the handrails and deck as your sprint on your elliptical or treadmill. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe away any sweat that may have been left in these areas.

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment Today

You should also wipe the conveyor, and pedals in case sweat made its way there. Ensure you vacuum the floor around the machine.

Don’t forget underneath the machine! Use a piece of cloth to dust the electronic part of the machine every once a week. Use plain water as adding bleach, soap, or even furniture polish can damage the equipment.

Heart rate monitor or watch

This gym equipment can also get dirty from sweat and encourage bacteria which can make you sick. Ensure you wipe down these devices using antibacterial wipes.

Most sports watches or bands are designed to be water-resistant, so it should not be a problem rinsing them clean.

Clean the weight machines

Weight machines should be cleaned after every use to prevent the spread of germs. Cleaning these machines is very easy.

You can use antibacterial moistened wipes to wipe them down. You can even use a damp microfiber cloth.

Wipe down your free weights and stability balls

It is only so little you can do for this equipment when it comes to cleaning them. Use an antibacterial solvent on a microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe these accessories down.

You can do this every week or wait until they start to get grimy. Also, ensure you check the pressure or air level on your stability balls.

Clean headphones or earbuds

Can you imagine the amount of sweat and dirt that goes to your headphones ear cups and even the earbuds? It’s important to keep them clean at all times.

You can give them a gentle wipe using a soft cloth or clean them using a Q tip. It’s critical to remember that these electronics cannot be immersed.

Clean your yoga mats

People don’t realize the importance of cleaning yoga mats. These are the last things that come to mind when you think of cleaning your home gym equipment.

Have you ever tried to do your planks only to realize that your mat is stinking or full of dust? That’s when you realize it’s time to clean your mat.

You don’t have to wait until then, however. You can incorporate a cleaning routine for your mats to ensure they are always in the best condition. Yoga mats can even get moldy from the sweat and dirt apart from smelling very bad.

Cleaning mats is very straightforward. You can use a sponge and warm soapy water to scrub it clean if it’s made of rubber. Some are small enough to be fitted in a washing machine but ensure you check it’s safe for the washing machine.

It’s also ideal to look for mats that feature an antimicrobial protection product. The feature prevents odors and the growth of bacteria on the mat.

Aerate your home gym and keep the air smelling fresh

The gym is bound to get smelly, especially if the whole family works out in a day.

The buildup of sweat from burning those calories can leave the whole place with an odor. Public gyms are designed with huge fans and air conditioning to match the massive inflow and outflow of users.

Ensure you spray your home with some air freshener or odor neutralizing sprays. You can also use essential oils to remove the odor from your gym and install some ceiling fans to blow some fresh air into the room.

Incorporate cleaning your home gym in your cleaning plan

Always ensure you clean your home gym when you are doing your deep home cleaning. You should also ensure that you clean your gym at least once a week, even when you are cleaning the house. Run a vacuum through the room to remove any loose dirt.

Ensure you also clean the windows, dust any furniture in the room, dust the ceiling fans and vents. You should also ensure to wash any fabrics, cloths, towels, and mats in the gym at least every week.

Exercising means you are taking in a lot of air, and the last thing you want is to be taking in dusty or moldy air. Ensure you aerate the room when possible to prevent mold and mildew due to sweat, especially on the floors.

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Your home gym needs to be as clean as the rest of your home to prevent carrying germs and bacteria from the gym to other parts of the home.

Keep fit in a clean home gym!

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment