How to Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19

How to Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19

Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19

During the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are staying home most of the time trying to stop the spread of infections and stay safe, each of us is experiencing considerable stress due to the drastic changes in our routine.

Wellbeing During COVID-19

It is a great challenge to maintain the right balance between our physical and mental health, leading to our overall wellness and wellbeing.

This has again drawn us to the health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle while staying at home despite the self-imposed restrictions of various kinds, limiting our ability to move around freely.

Social distancing, business closures, and changes in everyday schedule disrupt almost every aspect of healthy life that hinders the scope of engaging in physical activities and leads to depression and anxiety, feels Michael Giannulis. Check out these tips for your well-being during COVID-19.

Stick to the fitness basics, says Mike Giannulis

As everyone grapples with coming to terms with the new lifestyle that deters our habits, people are looking for ways to maintain their wellness. Although the pandemic has severely affected our lifestyle, the means of staying healthy remains the same that we had been practicing even before the pandemic.

To look after your health, regardless of the unusual circumstances that you are now facing, you must focus on a proper diet so that the body receives enough nutrition and ensure sound sleep besides exercising daily.

These tasks might not have been difficult at regular times. Now that the situation is entirely different as we stay locked up at home, it is challenging to stick to the routine of daily exercise to attain health goals.

How to Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19 TodayShun sedentary lifestyle

Staying stuck at home gives a feeling of being caged, which leads to mental agony and stress. To free yourself from the shackles of confinement, exercising provides much-needed mental relief while aiding your physical health.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, without physical activities can harm our well-being. Even if it appears tempting to skip your workout during the most challenging phase of your life, you must never let the feeling get the better of you.

Staying fit should be your foremost goal during COVID-19 because it will enhance body immunity and significantly lower the chances of contracting the infection.

Take care of your body

Fitness begins by taking good care of your body for which you must do everything that prevents you from falling sick.

Keep your mind free from what is happening around you because too much distressing and negative information and the news is circulating everywhere that can lead to stress buildup and affect your health. Anxiety and stress affect the body’s metabolism and disrupt the standard patterns of leading a healthy life.

Therefore, the better you are at maintaining mental poise, the better you will feel and enjoy better physical health that will keep your cheerful and happy and make you confident in overcoming difficult times. Have a balanced and nutritious diet along with plenty of fluids to keep the body hydrated.

Engage in physical activity, have a sound sleep, and stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine to keep the body de-stressed.

Balanced diet and nutrition

What you eat and how much will determine whether your body receives sufficient nutrition to stay healthy. Therefore, you must have a proper plan for stocking your grocery instead of picking up lots of items just to build an inventory.

Think about the meals that you want to have, which must contain protein, starch, and produce and then make a list of items accordingly. Consider the things you already have in stock and buy the ones that match your dietary goals.

Make a wide range of selections that helps to keep all bases covered. Besides grains and canned products, make an elaborate list of fresh fruits and vegetables to balance their nutritional needs.

Next, pay attention to the servings by avoiding craving for foods. Maintain the limit of 5 grams of added sugars in every serving, less than 1.5 grams saturated fat, and not more than 200 mg salt. Choose canned and frozen foods that have low salt, added sugar, and saturated fat.

Pay attention to fitness

No matter how small the living space, there are always some ways of engaging in physical activities like exercise. If you shed your inclination for hitting the gym, which is not the only way to exercise, there are numerous exercising options at home with minimal or no equipment but still fulfilling your fitness goals.

Being imaginative will help to choose exercises that you can comfortably do within small spaces and without elaborate arrangements. You can even take advantage of virtual workout classes that have become popular during COVID times.

Being imaginative can help make use of some everyday household items available at hand, which can effectively substitute exercise equipment. For example, you can use wine bottles as weights, and to do your step-ups, choose a sturdy chair.

Engage in playful activities with your children or do some gardening to maintain a certain level of physical activity when you are unable to exercise.

Manage stress and have a good sleep

The stress build-up is terrible for health because it can disturb sleep patterns and negatively affect the body’s metabolism.

Physical activities and exercise are excellent stress busters and facilitate good sleep that is extremely important to maintain good health. Having a good sleep is even more critical during COVID times. It helps to relieve anxiety and stress when we stay surrounded by a stressful environment while we stay awake during the pandemic.

Calming your mind by eliminating disturbing thoughts is one way to induce sound sleep for which you must practice yoga and meditation that teaches you to take control of your mind by deactivating the stressful elements.


Practice good hygiene to maintain cleanliness by washing or sanitizing your hands frequently and change your clothes soon after coming back home after a brief trip outside.

Cleanliness and good hygiene will protect you from the coronavirus.

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How to Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19