Best Lifestyle Practices for Wellbeing During COVID-19 by Ram Duriseti

Best Lifestyle Practices for Wellbeing During COVID-19 by Ram Duriseti

Best Lifestyle Practices for Wellbeing During COVID-19

The majority of people have replaced their ambitions and goals for 2020 with one vital objective: to live healthily. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has created havoc worldwide. The pay cuts, job losses, contamination rates, increasing death counts, and lack of proper medical facilities have created mass panic.

Wellbeing During COVID-19

No one knows when things will get back to normal. Amidst the fight to stay safe, it is essential to living well and be happy. To do this, people should manage their lifestyle habits.

Lifestyle guidelines by Ram Duriseti

The World Health Organization is continually providing guidelines for caregivers, healthcare providers, kids, elders, and business owners to stay safe and healthy.

Do you now have to work from home? Are you following social distancing rules? If so, you should refer to the lifestyle guidelines by Ram Duriseti to ensure complete wellbeing during COVID-19.

Best Lifestyle Practices for Wellbeing During COVID-19 by Ram DurisetiStay hydrated

Currently, most people around the world are feeling more worried and stressed than usual. This can increase the toxins in your body.

Drinking enough water helps you stay hydrated and flush out toxins from the body all while boosting your immune system.

Other benefits of drinking water include better weight management, clearer skin, less hair loss, enhanced digestion, improved heart functions, and much more.

Stay connected with loved ones

Now is not the time to manage everything on your own. It is best for you to count on people you trust for suggestions and company. Take time to connect with friends and family during leisure hours.

If you can’t reach out to them physically, stay connected through texts and video calls. This will promote a sense of belonging and help you feel loved.

Add zinc supplements to your diet

Zinc helps to increase immunity. You can consume zinc tablets or supplements after consulting with your doctor.

You can also consume zinc-rich food such as chicken, lentils, tofu, seeds, oatmeal, yogurt, and much more.

A Mediterranean diet

If you want to change your diet, consider a Mediterranean diet that helps you consume more leafy greens, fish, and chicken cooked with lemon and olive oil, lentil soups, and other healthy platters. You can even consume cheese in moderation to add variety and taste to your dish. These dishes also have a low preparation time!

A Mediterranean diet will help you stay away from heart ailments, and reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease or type 2 diabetes.

Cultivating a zen mind

Do you find it challenging to stay calm and hold onto your inner peace? If so, you need to work towards practicing a Zen mindset. For this, you can meditate and make more mindful choices. You can also read holistic books and practice affirmations to become more informed and to avoid taking in stress or tension.

When you are less stressed, you have fewer body discomforts and mental imbalances. It helps to think positively and focus on things that make you happy.


Living well is a choice you should make during such turbulent times. It may help to incorporate some or all of these tips into your life to ensure you’re living a healthy life.

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Best Lifestyle Practices for Wellbeing During COVID-19 by Ram Duriseti