3 Top Wellness Trends Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic

3 Top Wellness Trends Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wellness Trends Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the beginning of 2020, many people made predictions on the ten health and wellness habits or styles to rule in the coming years. This included a focus on improving the circadian rhythm of the body, reconsidering mental wellness, and dependence on virtual reality tools for therapy. Reiki, chakras, and crystal healing were also a part of the discussions.

Wellness Trends From the COVID-19 Pandemic

But since coronavirus, everything has changed. While plenty of health and wellness trends will continue to occur in every culture, the COVID-19 virus has shown some areas that deserve more attention than others.

Here are the three future wellness trends resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s learn about them in brief.

Martin Polanco: The three areas of focus in health and wellness

1. Remote classes

The remote style of working will have immense growth potential. From wellness coaches to personal trainers, everyone is running their business online.

Health professionals are conducting online classes on Instagram, Zoom, and other platforms. You can take a clue as to how these people are preparing for the new tomorrow introduced by this pandemic.

3 Top Wellness Trends Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic todayIt should not surprise you if remote wellness and remote work soon become an industry standard.

2. Intravenous nutrition

As per clinical experts like Martin Polanco, the number of intravenous service companies will increase dramatically.

Prior to coronavirus, there were only two or three such service providers who would visit homes for injecting shots of vitamin B, amino acid mixtures, and other compounds. Today, you can find them in all major cities and even in a handful of small towns.

The trend of intravenous nutrition and booster shots is fast pacing, and you can even come across a few such clinics in hotels. For example, if you are in Las Vegas or Miami, you can request vitamin injections.

However, this is not the only development. Soon you may also be able to take vitamin shots yourself through vials or hypodermic needles.

There will be instructions for the IVs that you can follow on your own. You can see this as an immunity-boosting opportunity and as an emerging field of business for healthcare specialists.

The studies show that the therapy market for these services in the US can become $13.5 billion in the coming five years.

3. Physical wellness and workout equipment

Due to the pandemic, gyms and fitness studios are either not operating or have minimal access. But those who have the habit of using health equipment will not need to compromise their health regime.

Rather, they will buy at-home products to pursue their routine. The market is already seeing an explosion of health equipment for home use. You can expect the market to continue to grow.


During the pandemic, you might have noticed a pattern: the growing work from home culture.

Thus, people might become more open to the idea of also taking care of themselves from home. Online classes and at-home health equipment will be the thing just the thing that these people will need.

You may not miss your exercising sessions in gyms so much once you become comfortable with this new format. For now, only time will tell where things are headed.

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3 Top Wellness Trends Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic