How to Stay Relaxed During the Pandemic

How to Stay Relaxed During the Pandemic

How to Stay Relaxed During the Pandemic

We all must have heard the old saying, “It’s all in mind”! Our mind controls every aspect of our lives. It contains our thinking and makes us either choose happy or miserable thoughts. Also, our mind takes a clue from our external surroundings and reacts accordingly. Hence, it is essential to opt-in for wellness activities during every phase of life.

Stay relaxed during the pandemic

This will enable your mind to choose a healthy and positive way of life. Currently, our lives have been adversely affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

The virus has impacted lives and the economy equally. On one end, people have been lamenting for the lives lost, and on the other hand, they get stressed because of the salary cuts and job loss.

Wellness guidelines by Dennis Begos

All these have made life come to stand still! People need to give their lives a facelift by following mindful and wellness activities.

The holistic healers and authors have always counted on wellness activities as it brings a sense of calm and relaxation in everyone’s life.

Dennis Begos shares how wellness and mindful activities help people live peacefully and with purpose during a crisis. Here’s how to stay relaxed during the pandemic.

Write a journal

How to Stay Relaxed During the PandemicWriting a diary or a journal is one of the best wellness activities for people to count on. It helps people to write about their feelings and thoughts in their diary daily.

The practice allows people to manage their emotions and sentiments better. There are times when it’s not possible to speak to someone in detail about how you feel.

The only respite that comes is in the form of journal writing. It also helps to release excess stress and anxiety. It also makes you self-reliant.

The practice of letting go

When you are stressed, you accumulate several thoughts and ideas within you. You might develop a fear of getting contaminated by the virus, for which you might dread stepping outside your house. It is necessary to inculcate the habit of letting go. It will enable you to face your fear and move beyond them.

Once you practice “letting go”, you might be able to cancel out your fear, follow the necessary safety protocols and move out of the house and attend to your daily chores. Letting go helps you to release immense stress and tension and live freely.

Deep breathing

It might sound unbelievable to most, but not many of us breathe correctly throughout the day. Most of us have got into the habit of shallow breathing. And when you are stressed and anxious, your breathing gets affected. It can result in an imbalance inside the body. Hence, it is essential to practice deep breathing.

It will help you recalibrate your body and mind and get back to a calm and balanced state. You can practice deep breathing daily for ten minutes in the morning or evening, and you can experience the benefits.


At its core, wellness activities are all about living well by focusing on the self. It’s a way to ensure that the mind and body are aligned.

You can follow the wellness activities mentioned above during the pandemic phase.

How to Stay Relaxed During the Pandemic