Importance of Physical Fitness During COVID-19

Importance Of Physical Fitness During COVID 19

Importance Of Physical Fitness During COVID-19

The last thing you want during this COVID pandemic is to visit hospitals regularly or too often. But you might have to if you plan to remain in your sedentary position for the longest period of time and do nothing.

Fitness During COVID

As hospitals are packed to the max with COVID infections these days, it is always a better idea to avoid visiting them to keep yourself safe. The only way to do so is by maintaining physical fitness.

Experts like Michael Giannulis would state that you maintain your physical fitness in your comfortable ways. For example, you can follow all the government rules and hit the gym for maintaining a good body.

Or, you can just work out at home following some yoga postures and other free-hand exercises. In the end, it is about keeping your body and mind healthy. For that, physical fitness is of top priority these days.

Michael Giannulis works on tips to get activity during COVID:

Importance Of Physical Fitness During COVID 19While exercising, it is always safe to wear good footwear. Make sure to start things slow and give your tendons and muscles some time to adapt to such new activities.

Remember to seek advice from your physicians if you are having any kind of underlying health issues.

  • Experts like Mike Giannulis will also suggest you take medication if you have any existing heart issues or want to control your blood pressure or sugar.
  • In case you are experiencing any sort of dizziness, joint, or balance issue, then taking medical help is always a smart move to make. In case you are facing any kind of pain while exercising, you should immediately stop.

Performing interesting workouts will help, according to Mike Giannulis:

There are various ways in which you can make your boring workouts interesting. This way, you won’t even feel like you are working out at all.

Make sure to watch your favorite streaming show or just listen to the podcast or any great music while you are working out.

  • Whenever you are making plans to walk, explore some new neighborhood areas or catch up with any friend on phone just to keep the situation from turning stale.
  • You can even try some of the activity-based video games at work or exercise-based games that will simulate skateboarding, dancing, tennis, bowling, or soccer. If you are not able to participate in real things, this will be one great alternative.

Points from WHO to note down:

WHO always recommends you to opt for 150 minutes of moderate to intensity activities and 75 minutes of vigorous and intensity-based physical activity every week.

You can even make a combination out of it, according to your bodily needs. You can achieve these recommendations at home as well, without the need to hit the gym for that.


There is no special equipment and even with limited space, you can achieve your goals well.

Just be sure to follow all the tips, which will help you to stay active and reduce your current sedentary behavior more while at home in such self-quarantine mode.

Importance of Physical Fitness During COVID-19