Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out

Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out Tommy Chong CBD

Check Out These Innovative CBD Brands

In the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the CBD market. This has resulted in two major changes to the CBD market. One change is that countless CBD producers have arisen claiming to have the best CBD items on the market. On the other hand, there are many who now find themselves trying CBD for the first time, but are overwhelmed with the plethora of options available to them. We got you covered below.

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Top Innovative CBD Brands

With so many new and innovative companies offering products, how can we confidently purchase quality CBD? And whether we are new to the use of CBD or have been taking CBD for years, how can we know where to look for the cutting-edge products that are changing the game for CBD?

Here we will discuss two innovative CBD brands that are making waves on the CBD scene, as well as what they bring to the table and who they can help.

What To Know About CBD Companies

When it comes to CBD, it is essential to know the company making your products. At this time, CBD is recognized by the FDA only as a supplement, not as a medication. This categorization gives companies fewer hoops to jump through to create and sell CBD. At the same time, though, having this kind of classification means that manufacturers don’t have to adhere to the same strict safety guidelines.

Still, reputable CBD producers have taken it upon themselves to enable us as consumers to research the quality of the CBD we are buying. Knowing the people behind the company that we are purchasing from helps keep us safe and ensures that we are getting a potent product.

Knowing what sets the company we use apart from others can help us find the CBD producer that can help us reach our end goal. Each CBD product is designed with a different benefit in mind, so knowing the objective of the product we use will help us find the product that fits our needs best.

Tommy Chong CBD

Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out Tommy Chong CBD

Who They Are

You probably already know who Tommy Chong is, the famous comedian of the cannabis-themed duo “Cheech and Chong.”

What you may not know, though, is why Tommy Chong cares about cannabis and CBD so much that he has started his own CBD production company by teaming up with a well-established nutraceutical company with decades of experience. Tommy Chong, now in his eighties, leads an active life that he attributes to his frequent use of cannabis and its associated oils.

On top of allowing him to maintain an active lifestyle, Tommy Chong believes that his ability to overcome cancer on two separate occasions is due to his cannabis-infused conduct. Armed with this belief, he set out to find a production team to help him bring these benefits to others.

What They Do

While any CBD production company can try to get a celebrity endorsement and call it a day, Tommy Chong CBD doesn’t rest solely on Tommy Chong’s fame. Tommy Chong CBD has pioneered advancement in CBD nanoengineering.

By focusing on making a CBD product that can be absorbed readily by the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), Tommy Chong CBD has been able to produce a high-quality product that can have greater results than competitors in even smaller doses.

By looking at the finer details of their product, Tommy Chong CBD is able to create a CBD oil that is guaranteed to be completely THC-Free, GMO-Free, Pesticide Free, Soy Free, and Gluten-Free. While some nutraceutical companies ensure that their products are safe through pasteurization, Tommy Chong CBD recognizes that these processes can remove many of the benefits that are derived from natural CBD products.

Instead, all cannabinoids used in Tommy Chong CBD’s items are created, stored, and used in an entirely sterile environment, ensuring that you get the full benefit from your natural CBD oil without sacrificing safety or quality.

Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out Tommy Chong CBD

Who Should Use Them

While CBD can help a number of conditions, Tommy Chong CBD goes further than simply creating plain CBD oil. Instead, they have worked tirelessly to manufacture proprietary blends that target one specific benefit at a time.

For example, many recognize the powerful effects that CBD can have a generalized calming effect while providing clean, pure energy. Tommy Chong CBD has taken this a step further with their Good Vibes Energy Tincture that couples the power of CBD with Taurine and Vitamin B6.

Alternatively, those who have trouble sleeping will enjoy the Nice Dreams Tincture, pairing CBD with Melatonin and GABA. And even if we are seeking out some other benefit from CBD oil, we can be confident that the CBD oil with Tommy Chong’s name on it must be good quality stuff.

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Premium Jane

Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out Premium Jane

Who They Are

Anyone who has looked into Premium Jane for CBD can easily tell you that they are a company committed to their product.

While many companies provide some basic information about CBD on their websites in an effort to drive sales, Premium Jane has made it their personal mission to help each and every customer get a CBD oil product that will help them.

From their tireless efforts to produce the highest quality CBD that they can to their extensive educational information available to help consumers understand what they are putting in their bodies, Premium Jane stands behind their product as few others can. When you sell good, clean supplements, it is easy to be confident and proud.

What They Do

At first glance, you might not notice anything different about Premium Jane’s products compared to their competitors. Their CBD oils, gummies, and tinctures do not stand out on their own.

A closer look, however, reveals the truth about these products. As their name suggests, Premium Jane offers premium products. With ingredients so clean and pure that they are proud to display them, Premium Jane doesn’t need any flashy labels or catchy names to attract a CBD buyer’s attention. Instead, the secret is in the quality of their production and testing.

As mentioned above, the FDA has given CBD producers leeway in setting their own production regulations. The market as a whole has set a few things as standard- third-party testing, clearly identified ingredients, and more. Premium Jane, though, takes this even further.

Each step of the way, Premium Jane pioneers top quality techniques in research, manufacturing, and even in customer relations. This dedication to excellence has gained them national awareness and a unique place well above the industry standard as one of the best CBD distributors on the market.

Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out Premium Jane

Who Should Use Them

Premium Jane CBD products are a great fit for anyone wanting high-quality, well-made CBD. If you have tried CBD before from cheaper competitors but weren’t satisfied with the results, try Premium Jane.

The benefits of high-quality products can be plainly seen in a short time. In addition, anyone that is careful about what they put into their body will pay close attention to what is in their CBD. A thorough examination of the options available will likely lead them to Premium Jane.

Whether you would rather enjoy the pain-relieving results of a topical cream, the calming effects of an oral supplement, or the sleep-promoting benefits of a capsule, Premium Jane is able to provide you with a clean and safe CBD experience.

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These two products are top-notch! Be sure to check them out but remember to always consult your physician before implementing any supplemental change. Drop us a note below if you try either of these great brands!

Innovative CBD Brands You Have to Check Out