Losing Weight with Slimming Pills and Fat Burners


Slimming Pills and Fat Burners 101

These days it seems as if almost everyone is trying to lose weight and excess fat whether the motivation is to be healthier or they just want to look good in a bathing suit. Some of these individuals choose to use slimming pills and fat burners to aid them in their weight loss goals. However, do these really work to help people to lose weight and excess fat?

How effective are slimming pills and fat burners?

The reality is that there is no magic pill to make a person lose weight permanently, as that can only be done by a lifestyle change like eating more healthy and exercising more.

However, if used correctly, slimming pills and fat burners may help some people in achieving their weight loss goals.

What are slimming pills?

slimming pills and fat burners pillsSlimming pills have several names. They can be called diet pills, weight loss pills or in some cases, fat burners. It all depends on what they are and how they work to help the user lose weight. Some are available over the counter and some require that the person gets a prescription from a doctor.

Slimming pills can be, for example, dietary supplements, as well as nonprescription or prescription medications. Deciding which to use depends on factors like how much weight needs to be lost, or possible side effects, costs, etc.

One difference is that actual diet pills like, for instance, orlistat, known also as Alli, have to get approved by the FDA before being put on the market, while dietary supplements don’t have to be approved by the FDA.

Popular Slimming Pill Examples

Some of the well-known diet pills that are prescriptions include Belviq, Contrave, Saxenda, Phentermine, and Qsymia. These work in different ways and some are for appetite suppression.

You must see your doctor to get a prescription to use these brands of slimming pills to lose weight.

Fat burners are a kind of weight loss dietary supplement

Fat burners are one kind of dietary supplement that many use to try to get rid of excess fat and weight. Many have outrageous claims, but if used correctly slimming pills and fat burners can help some people to lose weight and excess fat more easily.

Fat burners work based on a person’s metabolism and help speed up the metabolic process and make the user burn calories faster through thermogenesis.

What is Thermogenesis?

slimming pills and fat burners exercise
Exercise is thermogenic too!

All warm blooded creatures, including people, use thermogenesis to burn fat. Simply put, a person’s body creates warmth and the resulting chemical reaction burns the fat in their body for fuel.

This can be triggered by things like exercising, or through the use of fat burners.

Some popular fat burners include caffeine, green tea, green coffee bean extract, and synephrine. These are also known as stimulants because they stimulate the metabolism to work harder and thereby burn more calories.

However, there are non-stimulates that can also be fat burners. These include things like black pepper, cinnamon, and Irvingia Gabonensis.

Side effects of fat burners

Sometimes slimming pills and fat burners could have unwanted side effects. This could include headaches, getting jittery, getting sick to the stomach, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, inability to sleep, and getting irritable.

However, some of the side effects would be wanted things like having more energy, less appetite and reduced water weight gain.

One dangerous fat burner that is banned in the US is called ephedra, which was banned because it caused heart and other cardiovascular side effects. For that reason, you should talk to your doctor prior to using any sort of slimming pills and fat burners.

The FDA got hundreds of reports about bad side effects of ephedra, including heart attack, strokes and even death.

Diet and Exercise are essential parts of weight loss plans

One thing that users of slimming pills and fat burners must understand, is that taking them is only part of a good plan for losing weight and excess fat.

They still must have a good diet and exercise plan to go along with the usage of slimming pills and fat burners or the results won’t last. Fat burners will help the process go faster when used correctly, but they are only part of the battle against being overweight.

For instance, if you take slimming pills and fat burners and keep on eating high calorie foods like pizza, burgers, candy, cakes, breads, etc., you won’t lose weight. Diet pills are not magic pills, you have to change your eating habits along with taking slimming pills and fat burners.

Plus you need a good exercise program too to help to get you into shape and be thinner and healthier.

Staying thin after losing weight

slimming pills and fat burners nutrition
Regardless, nutrition is key!

Maintenance plans are another essential part of losing weight and excess fat. That is why it is vital to not only take slimming pills and fat burners as recommended, it is important to get a healthy diet and exercise.

This has to be a permanent lifestyle change if you want to keep the new thinner body you got through diet, exercise and the use of slimming pills and fat burners.

It’s also vital to take slimming pills and fat burners as directed because if not, they could result in bad side effects or even death. Just because the recommended dose works, it doesn’t mean that taking more than that will make you lose weight faster.

Always follow the directions on the package or the directions you got from your doctor when using slimming pills and fat burners.


The bottom line is that there are many people in the world that want to lose weight and excess fat.

In fact, obesity is a problem being faced in epidemic proportions based on some surveys, and this means more people may be turning to trying slimming pills and fat burners to get rid of excess weight and fat.

These products can be useful to do that when used properly and in addition to a healthy diet and healthy exercise plan.

If you need to lose weight or excess fat, talk to your doctor today about slimming pills and fat burners.

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