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Top Nutrition Tools: Your Blender

Looking for nutrition tools to help you eat healthier? Well, a high-quality blender might be exactly what you need. From smoothies to soups, blenders can be an instant hit for the family. Check out this nutrition tools review!

Let’s Blend Some Smoothies

There comes a time in every serious cook’s life when they wonder if those high-end blenders are worth the heavy price tag.

The first time I heard of the $500 blender, all I remembered after a while, was the price tag.

Honestly, hours later I had completely forgotten about the brand name and the features of the heavy-duty machines but was blown over by the huge cost. I wondered who, expect the professional chefs would buy such machines.

Nutrition Tools- Which blender is right for you-Fast forward a few years and here I am today proud owner of a Vitamix and writing about why you should buy it. Every time I use it, I wonder why didn’t I consider buying this powerful machine earlier.

In my opinion, the short answer to the question, “If the expensive blender is the right investment?” is Yes. They are totally worth every penny, as they are so much more than your average blender and can easily replace other appliances in your kitchen including juicer, chopper, food processor and immersion blenders…etc.

If you are a serious cook who takes pride in high-quality equipment, believes in working smartly, are a smoothie lover, or are a whole fruit juice fanatic who trusts homemade nut butter or vegetable puree, you should think of this price as an investment.

Here are the top reasons why getting a powerful blender is so important for both starters and professionals equally:

Improved Nutrition

These big-dog blenders tend to have powerful motors. What that means, is that while you blend, it takes less time, exposing your food to less air and heat. This means that the nutrition of the food is retained and you get a better quality result.

Better Flavors and texture

Would you like your green juice tasting like a partially blended green salad? Fully melded and emulsified soups, smoothies, and sauces taste surprisingly better.


With high-speed blenders, you can make raw and cooked soups, raw and cooked sauces, dips, puddings, nut butter, flours, spices, ice creams, bread-dough, margaritas, spreads, raw cheeses, baby food purees, batters, raw crust, and more. Your creativity is the limit with these powerful machines. Also. you might want to reduce the pieces of equipment you maintain in the kitchen, given its versatility.


Both Vitamix and Blendtec are high-quality products that come with a 5-7 years warranty. These mean machines might seem expensive at first, but the maintenance and durability really make the price an investment that pays off really well for a long time.

Ease-of-use and low maintenance

Cleaning up these powerful machines is a breeze. Just add some warm water and hit the pulse button to clean the most greasy and sticky mess. Now you can easily rinse it and you are done. Blendtec also comes with pre-programmed blending cycles that make recipes like sauces and soups with the touch of a button. These automatic blend cycles make it easy for you to blend without having to remember how long and at what speed you need for the recipe.

Nutrition Tools Which blender is right for youHere are a few features and requirements that you should consider before choosing the right blender for you:–

  • Prefer a glass pitcher. The plastic ones tend to retain the smell and get scratched easily.
  • If you cook for a bigger family, look for a large pitcher, one that can hold at least 40 ounces in a go without leaking.
  • Look for a nice secure-fitting lid, to avoid spewing liquids all over.
  • What’s your budget?
  • What is the power requirement for your cooking needs?
  • How do you plan to store the machine? Based on your space availability, you would need something that can fit under overhead cabinets or inside a closed cabinet or if space is not a problem, you could get a tall machine that sits on the counter.
  • If you plan to store it in the cabinet and need to move it for the workspace every time, you should consider something that is not too bulky.
  • Opt for a weighted base that securely holds its position even when blending for a long time or something hard.
  • Look for a lifetime warranty to make it easy to maintain with good customer support service availability.


Hope these nutrition tools tips will make it easier for you to make the next blender purchase and make a smart choice.

Now get out there and get to blending!

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