Overcoming Alcoholism Is More Affordable Than You May Think

Overcoming Alcoholism Is More Affordable Than You May Think

Overcoming Alcoholism Is Affordable

Chronic alcoholism requires professional care – there should be no doubt about this fact. So, if you are suffering from alcohol-related addiction and the associated behavioral problems, the first thing you need to understand is that you will need a rehab stint. However, a rehab stint is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Overcoming Alcoholism

Moreover, there is still a lot of stigmas associated with professional care regarding addiction-related complications. Mostly, addicted individuals may hide their issues to avoid rehabilitation, simply because there isn’t much awareness regarding what goes on inside a facility.

Alcohol rehabilitation

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation protocols are quite similar, and when it comes to treatment, therapists follow a few standard frameworks. There are inpatient rehab facilities, where you undergo treatment as a resident.

The stay duration is around 90-days. The second option is the outpatient rehab facility, where you visit the clinic for daily therapy, medications, and personalized sessions.

If you are worried about a rehab stint’s affordability, all you need to make sure of is the participation of the inpatient rehab in South Carolina in your medical insurance plan.

It will ensure that your out-of-pocket expenses are low. For more information about a day in an alcohol rehabilitation center, please read on.

Morning: Breakfast and meetings

Overcoming Alcoholism Is More Affordable Than You May Think Get HelpA rehab stint at inpatient alcohol rehabs in Mississippi doesn’t mean you get to relax and sleep till late. You will follow a healthy routine, where you will have to rise early to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

After that are usually the mandatory yoga or meditation classes to allow you to relax your mind.

It is all about developing healthy habits free from the effect of drugs or alcohol, and a rehab stint prepares you for when you will get discharged.

Following the morning yoga sessions, you will have to appear for a group therapy session led by a counselor or a therapist.

The goal of group therapy is to discuss the topics related to addiction, recovery and focus on achieving clarity regarding drug/alcohol abuse issues. You will learn to identify and control the triggers that led to addiction in the first place.

Afternoon: Daily therapy

Following a nutritious lunch, you will begin the most intensive part of your daily treatment. The post-lunch therapy can have different sections, and these are the following.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is the most effective treatment when it comes to addiction-related disorders. CBT is all about recognizing the behavioral responses for the specific triggers.

Once you can identify the triggers, the therapy will focus on healthier responses to the stimuli instead of the addiction cycle.

Group therapy

Group therapies form an integral part of addiction treatment. Keep in mind you will share the rehab experience with other residents.

Every resident has their struggle and personal story to share. This sharing leads to the development of camaraderie, which is a vital source of inspiration to others.

Specialized sessions

If required, you will undergo specialized therapy sessions as well. These sessions focus on behavioral management, including anger, stress management, and grief counseling.

The therapist will offer various coping techniques to handle every stressor in a controlled manner.

Family therapy

The family is one of the more crucial elements when it comes to addiction treatment. Keep in mind that if you are the family member of someone undergoing rehabilitation, you need to participate in the program activities.

Addiction affects the entire family, and there might be issues of destructive dependency, enabling behavior, resentment, and intense anger.

Family therapy is, therefore, intrinsic to long-term success and rehabilitation. Rehabs often host speakers who have emerged victorious after a long battle with addiction.

These stories are inspiring, but several take-home points will allow you to rebuild a better family life in the future.

Alternative therapy options

Luxury rehabs may offer several alternative therapy options as well. However, the charges are quite steep, but it is the ideal option if your budget allows it. These alternative therapy options include,

  • Art/music therapy
  • Dance therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Neurofeedback
  • Exercise programs
  • Equine therapy

Free Time

Yes, you will have a couple of hours of personal time as well. There are several activities like ping-pong, volleyball, swimming, and basketball to choose from. You can spend your time reading, journaling, or meditating as well.

Evenings: 12-step meetings

A 12-step program is available at rehabs following dinner. It is usually a short group session similar to the post-lunch meet. Here you can foster fellowships between residents in a respectful environment.

Early bedtime is usually encouraged since it is all about cultivating the very best of personal habits and hygiene.


This daily participation and clockwork routine make a rehab stint the best option for addiction treatment. Check into a local rehab to take back control of your life.

Overcoming Alcoholism Is More Affordable Than You May Think