Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT

Quick and Dirty Full-Body HIIT Workout

Everyone loves a good workout that you can actually feel making changes to your body while you do it! This is why HIIT is so popular these days. High-intensity interval training is great bang for your buck when it comes to workouts. It doesn’t take the whole day to do and your body is truly challenged while you’re doing it. Feel the burn, people, and give this one a go (just like our all-in-one plan, 6 Week Fit)!

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New Year, New You Workout Challenge

Ready to Take Control of Your Exercise?

Welcome to the DIY Active: New Year, New You Workout Challenge!

This 4 week challenge is perfect for those looking to bust free from the exercise norms and exercise when and where they Hell they want. Our workout challenge requires no equipment and can be done at home! Get started by syncing this program with your favorite device to get daily reminders and workouts at your fingertips below:
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