How To Stop Snoring Immediately: 3 Snoring Remedies

snoring remedies

Stop Snoring With These Home Remedies

Snoring can be an annoying problem, especially if you share your bed with another person. While occasional snores are usual, sounding like a tractor sure gets on everyone’s nerves. Moreover, the fact that your snoring is an indicator of severe sleeping disorders and cardiac ailments makes matters more difficult. It’s time to stop snoring…

Well, it’s just snoring…

Nope, it’s not “just” snoring if it poses life-threatening risks and medical concerns in the future.

Discussed below are the three simple and efficient ways to stop snoring and all the medical issues that come with it:

1. Physical Exercises And Lifestyle Changes

The average human adult body requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night, and not getting adequate sleep often leads to medical issues that can become dangerous if left unchecked.

With our jam-packed schedules and ever-increasing work pressure, sound sleep seems like a distant dream. The drastic changes in our diet and sleeping patterns have taken quite a toll on our body so much so that today disorders and severe health issues have become a common occurrence.

Let us look at the various exercises and dietary measures that help you breathe easy and sleep well at night:

3 Home Remedies To Help You Stop SnoringYoga asanas and meditation

Other than simple mouth exercises such as yodeling or chewing gum, some time-tested yoga asanas and exercises would help you deal with the loud snores at night.

Obesity is a leading cause of sleep apnea. Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and meditation are known to be the best natural cures for losing weight and de-stressing. Practicing yoga on a daily basis straightens your diaphragm, keeps your blood pressure and sugar levels in check as well as flushes out the harmful toxins in the body.

Simple lifestyle choices

Often our lifestyle choices pose a significant threat to our physical and mental well-being. The lack of proper routine and increase in consumption of canned goods further contribute to your weight gain.

Getting to bed at a reasonable hour, giving up alcohol, and eating organic are the few simple yet effective ways to bring your life back on track.

Other natural remedies include consuming ginger, basil (tulsi), cinnamon, and other herbs that boost your immunity and enhance your productivity.

2. Anti-Snoring Devices Available Over The Counter

If you are a habitual snorer then these anti-snoring devices and medications might help:

Nasal strips and dilators

Nasal sprays and dilators feature little rubber or plastic protruding that assist in expanding the nasal passage thereby helping you sleep better. The strips have to be worn over the bridge of the nose, like a bandage (you can wear it even when you are not sleeping).

Dilators also work on the same principle and have to be worn over the nose so as to open up the nostrils and allow the free flow of air.

Chin straps, nasal sprays

Excessive fat accumulation in the throat and jaws often clogs up the air passage thereby restricting breathing when you lie down.

Chin straps help to hold the jaw upwards. The straps are fixed from either side of the face like a mask and keep the tongue from collapsing onto the air passage.

Nasal sprays, on the other hand, consist of a medicated liquid that has to be sprayed into the nostrils. It clears up the mucus and dirt accumulated in the inner lining thereby helping you breathe in through the nose.

Breathing aids

Mouthpieces and breathing aids available over the counter also assist in proper breathing. Both mandibular advancement devices (MAD) and Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSD) hold your jaws and tongue thereby reducing the risk of blockages.

Other medical aids include medical solutions include sleeping pills, antihistamines, face masks, and palatal implants.

3. Professional Medical Assistance

3 Home Remedies To Help You Stop SnoringIn case the problem persists, get professional help. If your snores have aggravated over time jerking your awake, it is high time you consult a specialist and get a solution for snoring.

What appears to be a simple “breathing problem” might pose some fatal medical concerns in the future. The option is often the last resort that doctors recommend when all else fails.

Gone are the days when surgery was about cutting the throat open to tightening the muscles and tissues inside. Today thanks to radiology and laser therapy the process has become surprisingly painless and quick.

A small beam of laser is used to burn the excess fat around the throat and jaws.

Another modern surgical technique used today is somnoplasty or radiofrequency tissue ablation where doctors use small amounts of low-frequency sound waves to tighten the throat muscles and reduce the double chin.


Snoring can totally ruin you and your partner’s sleep and can also be life-threatening!

Stop snoring with these home remedies that can help you sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed.

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How To Stop Snoring Immediately: 3 Snoring Remedies