Why Your Skin Loves Zinc Oxide Powder

is zinc oxide good for skin

Why Your Skin Loves Zinc Oxide Powder

Let’s be honest. It’s impossible to avoid the sun. Exposure to UVA/UVB rays can do plenty of damage to your skin. Over time, your skin’s natural oils can deplete and lead to a dry complexion — the signs of aging start to appear, such as lines and deeper wrinkles. The structure of your skin takes a hit as collagen integrity diminishes. Your skin can also take on a coarsely textured and unevenly-toned appearance.

Your skin and zinc oxide powder

One of the best all-around skin protection elements is zinc oxide for anti-aging benefits. Most people are aware of the ingredient mainly used in sunscreen lotions for filtering out the powerful UV rays, but they are not familiar with zinc oxide’s unique beauty components.

The inorganic compound is a white powder and a safe ingredient for all skin types, including sensitivity. For many years now, zinc oxide has also been formulated into our cosmetics and in the medical industry’s ointments, bandages, baby care products, and a lot more.

Skincare treatments

Today, topical zinc oxide powder can be purchased for adding to your skincare routine. It’s effective, easy to mix with other products, and provides fantastic benefits. Leading dermatologists recommend having zinc oxide in your bathroom cabinet.

Why Your Skin Loves Zinc Oxide Powder Starting TodayZinc oxide is excellent for soothing inflammation and healing the skin. Research shows that it appears to be successful at reducing proliferative scars when applied daily as a topical treatment.

Zinc oxide powder also helps to keep your skin dry to avoid bacterial infections during tissue repair.

For those frustrated with acne, zinc oxide can help balance excessively oily skin, reduce the appearance of large pores, tighten the skin, and reduce breakouts. All of these benefits are thanks to the compound’s tremendous astringent and antimicrobial powers.

Beauty products

Many of us are interested to know what’s in our beauty products and how these ingredients can protect or harm us. That is why a lot of people choose to make their own skincare formulas today.

When you’re making your own DIY lotions and creams, you know what ingredients are going into them. You can incorporate raw and healthy ingredients without the nasty chemicals that you would find in most beauty products you buy off the shelf.

Zinc oxide is one of those safe ingredients that can be used on children as well as pregnant moms. The compound is simple to add to ingredients such as shea butter. By mixing in a little zinc oxide with unrefined, organic shea butter, you can create a luxe skincare product that delivers great sun protection but also provides nourishment and moisture to your skin.

Some people like blending zinc powder into their mineral cosmetics because it provides good coverage and creates a subtle matte finish to makeup.


The SPF formulae you buy today at the pharmacy may contain zinc oxide, but these lotions and creams can also have additional chemically-based filters. Store-bought sunscreens can be irritating and not as pure as they claim to be.

Chemical filters such as aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and trolamine salicylate have even been classified as unsafe by some healthcare experts.

When it comes to maintaining a naturally ageless complexion, some ingredients have value, and others simply don’t. Zinc oxide is the only active sunscreen ingredient out there today that offers true broad-spectrum protection against both burning and aging rays.


The type of zinc oxide you incorporate into your concoctions can also make a big difference. Skincare experts recommend purchasing only non-nano zinc oxide.

This type of zinc oxide powder will not enter the bloodstream or become absorbed into the cells. Instead, this type of zinc oxide will sit on your skin and help create a protective barrier against the elements.

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Why Your Skin Loves Zinc Oxide Powder