Common Exercise Mistakes in Good Morning Exercise

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Morning Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

We all want our routines to be as effective as possible, but what about the common mistakes you don’t even realize? Check out these morning exercise routine mistakes and get after it today!

Making these morning exercise mistakes?

Morning exercise is something that a lot of people have integrated into their daily routine, and this is not surprising. It can drastically improve many aspects of your life, like sleep, body weight, and make you walk out the door with a smile on your face and ready to tackle the day ahead.

That being said, there are some common morning exercise mistakes you might be doing that can set you up for failure. Here they are:

1. You Don’t Exercise

And you really should. As stated before, the way you wake up has a huge impact on how the rest of your day goes and should be given more attention. Make the time for a 5-10 minute circuit where you get your blood flowing and kick your brain into productivity mode.

Exercise also loosens the body and makes it produce endorphins, the chemicals that make us all feel good. Which means you will walk out the door in a positive mood for the day.

2. You Wait After Waking Up

10 Morning Exercise Routine Mistakes to AvoidAnother mistake people do is not performing their exercise routine immediately after waking up. They go around the house, making a cup of coffee, eating something, and getting ready for work.

If they don’t forget altogether that they needed to exercise by the time they get to it, their body has already woken up and the routine is nothing more than a regular workout.

This, of course, has its benefits but becomes tiring instead of refreshing.

3. You Lack an Explosive Moment

In order to wake your body up and elevate your metabolism for the day to come, you need to include at least one explosive exercise in your routine. Perform it during the second half of your program and make sure you are properly stretched before you try.

Jump squats and lunges are some exercises you can try, or try explosive push-ups, where you push your body hard enough for your hands to leave the ground.

4. You Don’t Stretch

This is the very reason the explosive moment is recommended after you’ve already warmed up. The last thing you want happening is you pulling a muscle before the day has even started properly.

Apart from the fact that your routine will be done for the next few days, you’ll walk out the door in pain and grumpy.

5. The Routine Is Too Long

An hour-long routine may get bodybuilding results faster, especially if you repeat it during the day, but will tire your body as well. The most important thing with morning routines is to find the right balance for you.

You need a set of exercises your body will feel, but not something that takes you to the limit.

6. You Make Pauses

Okay, pauses are not so bad, once in a while. Or, if, at first, you don’t feel up to exercising every morning, it’s okay to schedule an off day.

But, you must always have a strict schedule, and the day you skip must always be the same. An erratic schedule will confuse your body and become counterproductive.

7. You Don’t Have a Goal

When you start working out in the morning, you should know why you do it. Do you want to build muscle, lose weight, or just improve your overall well-being? Having a goal makes it easier to pick exercises tailored to help you achieve it.

8. You’re Targeting the Wrong Exercises

10 Morning Exercise Routine Mistakes to Avoid outsideAre you targeting a specific part of your body to work out or going for an all-around type of workout? This is something that needs to be planned ahead so you can pick the exercises you need.

If you’re interested in strengthening your abs, you can do as many squats as you want, but it won’t be as effective as planks.

Definitely not like a set of exercises specially designed to target your abdominal muscles.

9. You Don’t Exercise Correctly

And that is more detrimental than not doing the exercises at all. If you lack experience, check out some videos of professionals doing the exercises you want to or go to a trainer and ask him or her to watch you doing the routine.

Many people execute the exercises wrong, which not only slows results, but you also stand a very good chance of injuring yourself in the process.

10. You Exercise Indoors

One of the reasons you feel good after a morning routine is a fact that your blood is better oxygenated afterward, which doesn’t happen so well if you work out in the same stale air you recirculate during your sleep. Open your windows wide and let the morning air fill the room. Or, even better, go outside!


Hopefully, this will help fine-tune your morning exercise routine and make the best of those crucial 10-minute workout sessions that jumpstart your day.

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