12 Best CBD Topicals for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

12 Best CBD Topicals for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

12 Best CBD Topicals

CBD is shown to speed athletic recovery significantly, helping athletes reduce inflammation and heal muscles faster. Meanwhile, THC is great for managing pain relief, preventing sore muscles from standing in the way of another training session.

Best CBD topicals to try

Fortunately, athletes don’t need to bog down their entire body and mind with large oral doses of CBD and THC; they can target the healing effects with topicals applied to the skin.

Here are a few of the best CBD topicals on the market right now, available around the country, even brand-new Chicago marijuana shops.

Note: there are many great CBD edibles you can try as well, do your research!

1. Spruce Full-spectrum Topical CBD Salve

Offering some of the most attractive brandings on one of the most powerful CBD creams available, Spruce combines luscious skincare ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil with a full-spectrum CBD designed to help users manage muscle pain.

2. FAB CBD Topical CBD Cream

Unlike other CBD producers, FABCBD is devoted to using only safe, natural, and high-quality CBD in its products. This cream derives CBD from organic hemp farms in Colorado, and it uses a portion of its proceeds to support various charities and community events.

This particular product uses blood orange essential oils, which energize the mind as it soothes the tissues.

3. Medterra Rapid Cooling Cream

One of few topicals that rely on CBD isolate, Medterra incorporates menthol and arnica into this cream to provide a cool, soothing sensation that lasts for hours.

12 Best CBD Topicals for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation Including THCThis is an essential tool for athletes suffering from a chronic injury or struggling to recover from a particularly intense training session.

4. cbdMD CBD Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Roll-on

This roll-on topical from cbdMD offers the best of both worlds: CBD with terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids CBN and CBG, but no THC insight.

One of the few topical producers conscious of application, this product is available both as a roll-on and a squeeze bottle, to accommodate all user preferences.

5. Green Roads Soothing CBD Topical Cream

Green Roads takes quality seriously, relying on the knowledge and experience of a licensed pharmacist to formulate and test its products.

Even better, every Green Roads product helps to educate its consumers with third-party lab reports that explain cannabinoid and terpene content and reveal a lack of pesticides and heavy metals.

6. Wildflower CBD Cool Stick

For those interested in a cooling CBD topical without the scent of arnica, Wildflower has the solution. Some athletes prefer to apply this stick before exercise and allow warmth and sweat to activate its healing properties.

7. Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Though Populum’s rub has a lower CBD content than other products on this list, it remains remarkably effective at delivering targeted effects to minor aches and pains.

Plenty of users don’t need high-powered CBD topicals; for everyday stiffness, this topical is tried and true.

8. Lord Jones + Tamara Mellon High-CBD Formula Stiletto Cream

Designed with women’s feet in mind, this “stiletto cream” is meant to soothe a foot aching after a day in sky-high heels — but in truth, it is good for relieving most kinds of discomfort in the extremities.

Lord Jones advocates for allowing the cream to absorb before aches set in for maximum impact.

9. Baskin Body Wellness CBD Cream

This cream from Baskin comes in two potencies: a 150mg formula and a 400mg formula. The former is a bit more affordable and best used for targeted healing.

The latter is for relief all over the body — but it can be used in small doses for a more targeted effect.

10. Onyx + Rose Broad-spectrum CBD Bliss Balm

The name of this balm is no joke. Onyx + Rose’s popular topical comes in a small container, but its exceedingly high full-spectrum CBD content packs a punch.

The balm is luxuriously smooth and spreadable, and it doesn’t take much to feel the effects, which gradually lull muscles into total relaxation.

11. Baskin Glow

Another product from Baskin, this lotion contains both CBD and THC — on purpose. The cannabinoids in this topical work together to provide a greater degree of healing.

Instead of applying the product directly to where one needs healing, users are meant to dab it at their pulse points, where it will absorb into the bloodstream, unlike other topicals.

12. Dixie Synergy Relief CBD and THC Balm

Dixie is well-known for its edibles, but this balm deserves the final spot on our list. Another combo balm that mixes CBD and THC, this product is best for hardcore athletes that need a more powerful effect than CBD alone can provide.


When it comes to the best CBD topicals, there are so many to try, and no one should feel beholden to the items on this list.

However, those new to topicals might find great success in sampling any of the above, high-performing CBD products.

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12 Best CBD Topicals for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation