3 Reasons to Elevate Your Workout with Recumbent Bike Exercise

3 Reasons to Elevate Your Workout with Recumbent Bike Exercise

Elevate Your Workout with Recumbent Bike Exercise

When was the last time you had a powerful workout? Our bodies need daily activity to function optimally and feel rejuvenated. The movement supports the lubrication of our joints and as we age, this becomes increasingly important.

Recumbent bike exercise

To exercise effectively, each session must add challenge and intensity. Essentially, there are 3 reasons to elevate your workout with recumbent bike exercise.

The physical, mental and life changes that accompany this type of exercise benefit your overall health.

Compare recumbent bikes


If you want all the bells and whistles on your recumbent bike, you can’t go wrong with Schwinn products.

You can hook up your music via Bluetooth and workout out your favorite music. With 29 programs on the LCD window system, you get the most workout options to choose from than other products on the market. Moreover, there are 25 levels of current resistance that will allow you to stay challenged.

As a result, these levels help you grow stronger and leaner with each workout. Schwinn recumbent bikes also have compatibility with MyFitnessPal, an app designed for logging your activity and food intake.


If you want features and technology on your recumbent bike, but don’t need the best of the best, then Sole products may be for you.

Having Bluetooth connectivity much like Schwinn, Sole products have a 9-inch display screen. From this screen are up to 10 programs that will guide you through the workout of your choice.

Do you sweat profusely while working out? Not to worry, as Sole recumbent bikes come equipped with cooling fans. It does not have multi-speed fans like Schwinn, but it will cool your body down during an intense workout. At 20 levels of resistance, it is sure to give you a beneficial workout.

3 Reasons to Elevate Your Workout with Recumbent Bike Exercise Today


If you are just starting out with recumbent bikes and aren’t sure what you need, Exerpeutic products may be the best option for you. They are the most economical when it comes to cost and will still give you the basics of what you need without technological fluff.

The tension resistance on Exerpeutic products goes all the way to eight, which means you have a decent range for varying your difficulty levels. While the resistance levels are not as vast as Schwinn or Sole, it is still decent enough to get a good workout.

1. Physical Change

Weight Loss

When it comes to physical changes in the body, the first difference you will notice with recumbent bike exercise is weight loss. The reclined position and back support allow more focus on the lower body.

Oftentimes, the bulk of our weight is in our stomach and thighs. The pedaling motion with combined resistance can work your legs and core all at the same time. Recumbent bike exercise is an excellent way to jumpstart your metabolism.

Muscle Tone

The second physical change that will occur from recumbent bike exercise is muscle tone. As with most things in life, you have to stick to a change in order for you to see results.

If you stay on a consistent track with this exercise, you will notice lines and cuts in parts of your body that you didn’t know existed. Who wouldn’t want their physique to be more polished? Exactly, that’s what we thought.

Cardio Endurance

The third physical change you will notice in your body is a higher endurance for cardio training. With high and low cardio options, it is an ideal machine to test and expand your cardio limits.

With cardiovascular diseases being high in the nation, any workout you can do to promote a healthy heart is recommended. Recumbent bike exercise allows you to do just that in a comfortable seated position with constant back support.

2. Mental Change


In regards to mental changes, recumbent bike exercise can afford you new attitudes and perceptions about yourself. Looking at your positive physical changes will give you a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Loving who you see in the mirror each day is a large part of the human psyche. Not only do recumbent bike exercises shape and sculpt your body, but they also transform how you view yourself.


The next mental change you will experience while doing recumbent bike exercise is newfound control over your actions. When you feel the pain from repetitive leg cycles and resistance, but choose to fight through it, you are exercising control.

While it may be easier to give up, it’s more rewarding if you choose to persevere.


The last mental change you will notice when utilizing recumbent bike exercise is a stronger sense of perseverance.

When you continue to push yourself and bypass personal goals, you start to understand your real inner power. When you constantly change intervals on your recumbent bike and excel through the difficulty, you are taking your personal success to the next level.

If you can press on through the hardship of these exercises, you can certainly do the same for other hardships in your life.

3. Life Change

Overcome Obstacles

How you respond to exercise is very much symbolic of how you respond to life. Do you give up easily when things get too hard? Are you more inclined to cut corners? Are you consistent?

Allow recumbent bike exercises to help you master your response to resistance. With enough practice, you will be able to overcome obstacles quickly without them causing too much damage. Let this equipment empower your workout and will to succeed simultaneously.

Motivation and Determination

Subsequently, implementing a recumbent bike exercise into your life can greatly increase your motivation and determination. As we get older, sometimes our motivation decreases due to our own experiences and acquired thinking.

But when this exercise brings out all the inner power you had stowed away, you begin to remember all that you are capable of accomplishing. Sometimes, one action can change the course of our lives forever. Will you allow this exercise to shift your direction?


The last life change you may experience while integrating recumbent bike exercise into your workout routine is increased influence. When you take care of your needs, others around you can sense it. The more time you spend on improving your health, the broader your positive net of influence will spread.

While others may not remember what you did for them, they will always remember how you made them feel. Healthy people are happy people.


We hope we have shed light on the 3 reasons to elevate your workout with recumbent bike exercise.

The benefits are extraordinary so if you are looking to augment your routine, this is the best way to go.

3 Reasons to Elevate Your Workout with Recumbent Bike Exercise