3 Tips To Make Your ‘Glow Up’ Complete This Year

3 Tips To Make Your ‘Glow Up’ Complete This Year

Glow Up in 2021

It would have been hard to avoid the various ‘glow-up’ challenges on social media. With the current worldwide situation, anything that will improve your health and wellbeing should be looked at as positive. Yet, there are many who do not know how they can achieve it and some of you do not even know what a ‘glow up ‘ is.

What is a Glow Up?

Put simply, a glow-up is a physical, mental, or emotional change for the better. It can be planned or a natural progression that is either fast or gradual, temporary or permanent.

As this is quite a wide definition, you’ll probably want to break it down into more bitesize pieces and tackle them one by one. For that reason, this article will take just 3 and show you a way in which you can get some great results this year.

1. Glow up your skin

There are many things you can buy off the shelf to help with the condition and appearance of your skin. However, for this part of the glow-up, you are not going to use any products but instead, completely go back to basics.

3 Tips To Make Your ‘Glow Up’ Complete This Year 2021One of the keys to healthy-looking and yes, ‘glowing’ skin is to put the right things into your body in the first place. Number one on that list is to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. The six cups of coffee each day won’t help, so you need to drink plain water or water with fruit added for flavor.

Next on the list is to eat more vegetables. With the water flushing many of the impurities from junk and processed food through your system, you should be doing what you can not to replace them.

Instead, the high nutrient values from eating fresh vegetables more regularly will make your skin look healthier, along with improving your overall health.

2. Glow up your eyebrows

After a very basic solution for your skin, next up is a more advanced solution for your eyebrows. If they are looking poor due to over-plucking or old age, then one solution would be to have eyebrow reconstruction.

This is a procedure that involves taking hair from your scalp and transplanting it into your eyebrows to give you a fuller look over time. This is a long process that you will not see the full results of for around 10 months, but it is a permanent solution.

The cost will depend on the number of grafts required (which will vary from person to person) so visiting hshairclinic.co.uk will outline the costs in more detail as well as showing you more about the procedure involved.

3. Glowing up your nails

The length and color of your nails will depend on how you spend your days. It’s not practical to have very long nails and type on a keyboard all day, and some wild colors might not be appropriate for many customer-facing roles.

However, this one is simple and you can just make the best of what you have from off the shelf or by visiting the local nail bar.


Ready for a glow-up? These are 3 ways to get started this year, so get your glow up on!

3 Tips To Make Your ‘Glow Up’ Complete This Year