3 Very Common Dieting Mistakes Women Make

3 Very Common Dieting Mistakes Women Make

Fallen Prey to These Common Diet Mistakes?

Diet after diet… The temptation, confusion, guilt, failure… What happened?

You’ve succumbed to the most common dieting mistakes that everyone makes! We got your back! World-renowned nutritionist, Brian Flatt – creator of The 2 Week Diet – discusses common dieting mistakes that can ruin your results.

Are you making these?

Common dieting mistakes that sabotage weight loss…

With so much dieting information out there, we are all bound to fall prey to marketing gimmicks that spread misinformation to get to your pocketbook… Not anymore!

Just a few bits of this misinformation can make weight loss seem like the Da Vinci Code!

Below, Brian Flatt discusses why these can sabotage your weight loss… So let’s dive into 3 very common dieting mistakes and how you can quickly unlock your weight loss potential.

Starving Yourself

3 Very Common Dieting Mistakes Women MakeI’ve seen this time and time again… You think that eating fewer calories will help you lose weight faster. If 1500 calories was great, 1200 is even better, right? This couldn’t be farther from the truth…

Your body needs fuel to increase your metabolism and burn fat properly. In reality, and this sounds strange, if you decrease your calories by too much your body becomes stressed. In a stressed state, your body will actually store fat.

In evolutionary terms, this makes perfect sense. Animals store fat for the winter because they start to eat less and less every day – their body gets stressed! Your body reacts the same!

Eat too little food and your body will preserve its energy stores (i.e. fat) as long as possible… You might witness early success, but your weight loss quickly plateaus.

While you need to maintain a calorie deficit, it only needs to be a moderate one, like the one in The 2 Week Diet plan. It helps keep your metabolism optimized for burning fat the entire time!

Too Much Cardio

Walk into any gym in the country and you will see this common mistake in action! People spending hours and hours on cardio machines. Yes, some cardio is great – like HIITs or EPOC training – for far loss, but you need to branch out…

Being chained to the cardio machines can actually cause more harm!

Basically, what you need is an easy-to-follow weight training program that focuses on key exercises to make you stronger.

You need a streamlined approach that helps burn fat quickly and tones your body!


Lastly, many people choose overcomplicated programs! These massively confusing diet plan cause frustration, demotivation and finally giving up on the program…

When it comes to weight loss and fat burn, simplicity is best.

You need to implement a few easy-to-follow, doable guidelines in order to achieve superior results. This decreases frustration and your failure rate altogether!

Simple diets last!


If you’ve made a few of these common diet mistakes before, forgive yourself, start to make changes, and get on track to a healthier, more energetic you…

It’s time to become an energetic, revitalized, healthy version of you!

While it may seem really confusing, fat loss isn’t scary rocket science. You need to fuel your body with the right foods and energy that burn fat cells for energy.

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3 Very Common Dieting Mistakes Women Make