You Have 4 Ways To Get All The Nutrients You Need As You Age

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Getting The Nutrients You Need As You Age

Maintaining a healthy diet that ensures you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need as you age can be hard. Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and completely forgetting to take your B12 supplement or your iron tablets?

Getting the nutrients you need as you age

As you age your nutritional needs tend to change from those when you were 20 years old and all you needed was a salad here and there or a glass of milk.

It can be really frustrating to realize that you are not getting all of the nutrients you need but there are some simple ways to ensure that you get these much-needed nutrients through natural methods and with supplements.

Automatic Pill Dispensers

The first method is for those who need to take prescription medications and supplements. Staying healthy and up to date on medication is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is where automatic pill dispensers can be useful.

Forgetting them can have some major repercussions, and the same can be said for forgetting certain vitamins that you need. If you are prone to anemia which can happen to a lot of women (especially those who exercise frequently) then you need to stay on top of everything.

If there is one thing we all like in this day and age it is the automation of services, efficiency is everything.

Lower Your Caloric Intake, Increase Nutrients

As you get older you may also find that your appetite is the same or you think you can eat the same amount of calories as you did when you were younger. This is not the case.

4 Ways To Get All The Nutrients You Need As You Age Starting TodayAs your body ages, your metabolism tends to decrease which is affected by a number of factors, the main one being that you may be less active and not have as much muscle.

Due to this, you have to be increasingly careful about the foods that you do decide to put into your body.

If you are eating a diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein then chances are you will begin to gain weight and not as muscle mass. To avoid this you will need to actively watch what goes into each meal and the nutrients that are contained within.

You will want to ensure that your diet consists of meat like fish and chicken, lots of leafy greens, and fruits that contain much-needed vitamins like B12 and vitamin D.

Fiber Is Your Friend

For those that find they are not feeling as healthy as they could be and are prone to bloating it may mean that you do not have enough fiber in your diet which is one of the most important nutrients.

While keeping a balanced diet is important, some people find as they age that a diet with increased fiber is actually what they need the most.

Fiber also works to cut down on a vast array of diseases that affect the gut and the colon. So while you’re getting some much-needed nutrients you may also be helping your body to naturally cleanse itself of disease-causing toxins.

Stay Hydrated

In order for your body to actively absorb all the good vitamins and nutrients that you are consuming you also need to be drinking a lot of water to help with absorption.

Not drinking enough water can cause you to feel tired which can lead to a loss of appetite and keep you from getting the proper nutrition to stay fit as you get older.

Try drinking at least seven glasses of water a day, particularly with meals as that will help to remind you that you should be drinking it regularly.


When it comes to getting the nutrients you need as you age, it’s important to always stay active and eat right.

Maintain your health by getting your daily nutrient intake from nutritious meals, drinking lots of water, and using an automatic pill dispenser to aid in supplement taking.

You Have 4 Ways To Get All The Nutrients You Need As You Age