5 Dieting Commandments for Sticking to a Diet Plan

5 Dieting Commandments for Sticking to a Diet Plan

What are the Dieting Commandments?

Your diet in shambles? Don’t know where to turn? You need rock-solid dieting commandments that steer your diet plan and get results.

Here are 5 MUST-follow dieting commandments from one of the top nutritionists in the world… Brian Flatt, creator of The 2 Week Diet. 

Dieting commandments to help you get results

We are going to try to make it as easy as possible for you to eat healthier… starting NOWMany people out there neglect a few of these which totally ruins their chances of success.

So check out our 5 dieting commandments to live by and some helpful tips on picking your next diet plan!

1. Thou Shalt Eat More Protein

5 Dieting Commandments for Sticking to a Diet PlanMaybe the most important food in your diet plan is protein. Protein helps you fight hunger, stabilize your blood glucose levels, and is a great way to help you build muscle mass.

More muscle mass can result in a snowball effect which helps speed up your metabolism, build more muscle, and burn more fat!

Make sure it’s a staple of every meal! But how much?

For those of us that aren’t finely tuned athletes – definitely me – the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies recommends we consume roughly 0.36g protein per pound of bodyweight. So for instance, a 170 pound male is recommended to consume 61.2g protein per day [170lb * 0.36 = 61.2g].

The beauty is that with a proper diet you don’t have to rely on whey protein shakes. You can get most of this protein through your diet via foods that already contain protein: nuts, veggies, meats…etc.

2. Thou Shalt Eat Regularly

You’ve heard it a hundred times, that the more you eat the faster your metabolism will be…

While that isn’t completely true, eating food at regular intervals helps reduce hunger.

Keeping hunger at bay is a great way to prevent binge eating, maintain sustained energy, and make it easier to stick to that diet plan!

For instance, simply eating a light breakfast can help fight off the mid-morning hunger urges we all feel. This can lead you to skip the donuts in the breakroom and saving you a ton of empty calories.

The same goes for eating your regular protein-dense meals while also consuming healthy, light snacks. This all controls your snacking urges. By starving yourself throughout the day, you are most likely to over-eat at your next meal!

3. Thou Shalt Eat Fresh

Eating foods that are fresh and green usually is a great way to stick to your diet plan. It’s time to drop all of that processed crap that we commonly eat and stick to fresh – this can prevent some serious weight gain!

It’s time to start sticking to fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy oils.

This should be a staple of your diet. You should be eating fresh vegetables and fruits (frozen work as well) and other healthy foods that are protein and fiber dense such as:

  • Lean meats, such as chicken and fish
  • Nuts
  • Eggs

When these foods make up the majority of your plate at each meal then you are on your way to a new you!

These are the exact tips that The 2 Week Diet was built on.

This is one of the ultimate dieting commandments!

4. Thou Shalt Stop Making Comparisons

5-dieting-commandments-for-sticking-to-a-diet-plan-fruitTechnology is great, but always being connected to millions of people has us commonly comparing ourselves to everyone else. Your friend lost 10 pounds so you feel like the 5 you lost isn’t significant…

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others – you are your own person on your own incredible journey!

Want to compare? Well, compare where you are now to where you were 2 weeks ago. Look at the small details that have resulted in incredible change!

Within the fitness industry, a common rule we use is that it takes roughly 2 weeks to form long-term habits, 4 weeks for you to notice significant changes, 8 weeks for your friends and family to see them, and 12 weeks for the whole world to notice!

It all starts with those 2 weeks of habit-forming!

5. Thou Shalt Set Short Term Goals

Do you know those massive goals that you might have? Those are great but if you don’t have a plan on how to get there they will just remain dreams. In order to reach them, you need to set some smaller, short-term goals.

Focus on the days that are coming up, not a year from now!

One good option is to think in 2-4 week segments. This is a good way to keep your eye on the prize but also make significant strides and instill lasting habits.

Look, long-term goals are awesome and are definitely needed, but without having a 2-4 week game plan in place as stepping stones on how to get there you will end up back at where you started… A failed diet/fitness plan!


Let’s face it, due to our busy schedules in the United States we spend 83% of our time gaining fat instead of burning it.

It’s time to focus on our nutrition to boost our metabolism. If you focus on your protein consumption, eat fresh, and have patience… You will reach your goals!

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5 Dieting Commandments for Sticking to a Diet Plan