5 Healthy Meal Substitutes for Students

5 Healthy Meal Substitutes for Student

Healthy Meal Substitutes for Student

Today’s world makes everybody pick up their pace if they want to keep up with all the stuff that may appear on a to-do list of an ordinary person. The busier you are with your job or study, the less time you have for adequate home cleaning, eating, taking care of a pet, or even a child.

Healthy Meal Substitutes

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So, if you’re done with this dilemma, check out these healthy meal substitutes.

Instant Noodles vs. Chia Pudding

Yes, chia may have bored you because of those fancy recipes, and you may think its popularity is baseless.

Yet, these seeds are not only healthy but also so nutritious! You may not even be able to finish a glass of delicious chia pudding. It works just like instant noodles – you add water to the seeds (not hot though), and they are ready in like 15 mins.

Instead of water, you may use any milk or yogurt you like. Add berries, crushed nuts, and fruits. A baked apple and honey can be mixed in to sweeten this dessert that will keep you full for a longer period of time than some noodles made out of odd stuff.

Soft Drinks vs. Natural Juices

Even if you think right now that you already buy juices and avoid Coke, it doesn’t mean they are not equal to those soft drinks.

Make it a habit to check the ingredients and you will see that most of the juices contain sugar. Real juices don’t taste like that.

5 Healthy Meal Substitutes for studentsLuckily, there are many options today to choose from. All you need to do is to read several lines on a label.

Often, a healthy juice would contain the actual fruit/vegetable juice/puree and a natural preservative like ascorbic acid.

Chocolate Bars vs. Grain & Fruit Bars

However nutritious the first is called in ads, it’s mainly because of the nuts in them. If there are not even nuts, it means you’re eating something your body will quickly digest making you hungry again.

If you take a few grain bars or those made of dates or other dried fruits, they will help you both in the fight against sugar and controlling your appetite. Just make sure they don’t contain hidden sugars.

Such bars often appear on “healthy” shelves just because of oats or some seeds. The latter is indeed useful for your mind and body, but sugar can just undo all the good.

Fatty Foods vs. Plants

One may now wonder in what way the taste of French fries can be similar to bell pepper. There’s no way that’s true. Yet, that is actually what your body needs, and it is backed by research.

One way or another, we all omit some vitamins and nutrients in our diet. Our brain can fool and make us look for wrong options to compensate for some deficiencies.

In addition, it’s quite easy to grab a pan and prepare a meal quickly. So, the option of having something fried or buying processed food and fatty snacks is quite seducing. You do not feel hungry (not for a long time though) and save your time on cooking.

Yet, taking a fruit or a vegetable, washing, and eating it is even a faster and better way to manage a wild craving for fried and salty food. Of course, your brain won’t leave you alone that easily and will want to be compensated for such a loss of empty carbs.

So, now, it’s your turn to fool it. Top-nutritious and legit health meal substitutes (also full in fiber) in this case would be:

  • Broccoli (just don’t boil it for half an hour, four minutes is enough)
  • Legumes (not canned but dried, frozen, or fresh)
  • Fresh fruits
  • Sesame seeds (other seeds won’t hurt as well)
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Green and red vegetables and greens

Plan a challenge for yourself. Eat something from the list above whenever you want to have some fried food. Then trace your appetite. One day, you may be surprised by how tasty a simple cucumber can be.

Chips vs. Crispbreads

By crispbreads, we mean not those foam-plastic-like pieces you can see on many ‘healthy food’ shelves.

There are diverse mixtures of popped grains with seeds. Maybe they are not as tasty and addictive as bread or chips, but just a pinch of paprika, garlic powder, and some juicy vegetables can make a perfect match.

If you purchase a pack of nutritional yeast, you can use it as the best taste booster. It’s used by vegans who want to remove the cheese from their diet, but it’s actually very tasty in general.

Often, it’s enriched with B-vitamins and even included in many snacks you usually buy. Just check it sometimes.


To sum up, there’s one basic rule to adhere to: check the ingredients on packages for sugar and too much extra stuff you can’t get a sense of.

After some time, it will become a habit and you will get used to the flavors of each product containing natural ingredients only.

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5 Healthy Meal Substitutes for Students