How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home?

how to reduce allergens

Your Guide To Reduce Home Allergens

Spring is coming and for many of us, that means some serious allergies! Do yourself a favor and save yourself the sneezing hassle and start to reduce home allergens today. Check out these simple tips below!

Let’s reduce home allergens today

Allergies are one of the most common problems we see throughout the year.

An allergy is nothing but an abnormal reaction of the body’s immune system towards the harmful substance present in the environment such as allergens.

Allergens are antigens capable of stimulating type-I hypersensitivity through immunoglobulin responses. Allergens can be present in various sources that include pollen, dust mite, mold, animal dander, and many more that get inside our bodies through the air.

How can allergens affect your health?

Reduce Home Allergens todayAllergens not only cause reactions like sneezing or itching, but they can give rise to several other serious kinds of health disorders.

Allergens directly affect our immune system by making them work abnormally to fight such allergens and at the same time, they can also target or affect organs like the gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, and skin.

When an allergen affects the immune system, it makes the body very susceptible to an array of several diseases. Hypersensitivity, and allergies to some degree, can be considered immune system disorders.

In some cases, allergens can also give rise to anaphylactic shock that also gets referred to as anaphylaxis. This health disorder is a severe and life-threatening reaction to some allergens. Anaphylactic shock is also characterized by a sudden drop in blood pressure and is the most common symptom of this health disorder.

However, the symptoms of anaphylaxis can differ in each individual and include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Headache or dizziness
  • Swelling in the tongue and throat
  • Hives and itching in the body
  • Loss of consciousness or shock
  • Stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea

Let’s check out 5 simple ways to reduce home allergens:

1. Maintain Proper Cleanliness

Cleaning professionals from simplymaid Adelaide say the most effective way to reduce home allergens is maintaining a proper cleaning regime on a regular basis.

For this, one doesn’t always need an expensive or fancy cleaner. In fact, a solution with some bleach can work wonders. Also, be sure to clean the surface or the area that comes in contact with your food.

Reduce Home Allergens Pinterest 22. Use of an Air Purifier

One can also use an air purifier to keep their home free from allergens. These air purifiers come in various sizes and help in removing or reducing the contaminants from the indoor air.

There are several air purifiers that not only remove the small allergen particles but at the same time eliminate viruses and bacteria. An air purifier based on HEPA filtration is considered the best among several available options as it doesn’t produce harmful ozone gases.

3. Get Rid of Humidity

The mold that gets accumulated in the dark and moist places can give rise to allergens. Hence, to make your home allergen-free you should get rid of such molds with regular leakage checkups in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

If the humidity level of the house is more than 50%, then one can also use a dehumidifier. Keeping your thermostat between 60-72 degrees and using the air conditioner can help maintain an allergen-free home during summer.

4. Allergen Free Bedding & Furniture

To keep your home allergen-free, you can replace the normal bedding with any mite-resistant bedding that includes silk comforters and sheets, latex mattresses, hypoallergenic mattress covers, bed bug proof mattress encasements, and bed casings.

You should also avoid the usage of featherbedding and pillows or bulky quilts. In the living area, one can opt for smooth surface furniture like vinyl, suede, or leather.

5. Smoke-Free Home

Cigarette smoke or any other form of smoke can stimulate allergies instantly. Hence, you can strive to have a strict no-smoking policy inside the house.

If any visitors insist, allow them to smoke outdoors.


By regularly employing these simple tips, you can help reduce home allergens that harm your health in a long run.

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