6 Steps to Take if You Feel Self-Control Slipping During Quarantine

6 Steps to Take if You Feel Self-Control Slipping During Quarantine

Self-Control Slipping During Quarantine?

Maybe you’ve heard about the Quarantine 15+ or even started to experience it for yourself. When COVID-19 began, for many people it seemed to be a dream come true. There was no commuting, no more costly trips to the gas station, and you got to be around your loved ones 24/7. What could be better?

Help your self-control during quarantine

Fast forward a few months and maybe you’ve realized life during social distancing and quarantine isn’t everything you imagined, especially when you start to feel your self-control slipping.

Having round-the-clock access to your fridge and kitchen might be taking a toll on your health, and with no access to a gym, you just might not be as motivated as you used to be.

However, gaining a few extra pounds isn’t the only result of reduced self-control during quarantine. There are riskier circumstances, particularly for those struggling with addiction and recovery.

For those who don’t drink, seeing liquor stores considered “essential services” and cities opting for grab-and-go cocktails might have been unbelievable, but it’s a testament to just how important the country values our favorite vices.

A substance abuse evaluation might surprise several Americans with the results—it turns out that what a lot of people consider moderate drinking or recreational drug use is actually indicative of dependency or abuse.

No matter where you see your self-control slipping during quarantine, there are some key steps to take to get help, if necessary, and regain your discipline.

1. Get Professional Help

In serious cases of relapse, such as those who have started drinking or using drugs again if they were sober, it’s critical to get immediate professional help.

Trusted experts and organizations, such as AA, have pivoted in recent months to provide 100% online support. Of course, there is also in-person help for more severe cases.

2. Recruit Housemates for Support

6 Steps to Take if You Feel Self-Control Slipping During Quarantine TodayIf you live with others, whether it’s family or friends, recruiting them for help in regaining self-control helps you build a supportive network. This can work for anything from limiting unnecessary screen time to agreeing not to order any more junk food.

3. Track Your Progress

For less serious cases of self-discipline slacking, simply tracking your current reality and progress can help you get back on track.

For instance, if you can’t remember the last time you got some cardio in, start writing down workouts on a daily basis to hold yourself accountable.

Putting this in a place where you’ll see it regularly, such as a hanging calendar, can help to keep you motivated.

4. Join an Online Group

There’s always been an online group for just about anything ever since the internet became widely available. It’s true even more now that the COVID-19 pandemic is happening. Maybe you haven’t practiced yoga since April because you can’t access your studio and it’s starting to get you down.

Transitioning to online classes or groups that offer self-practice modules can help you modify your practice in this new normal.

5. Give Yourself a Break

If you’re a typical Type-A overachiever and think your self-discipline is slipping, reassess. Everyone needs some gentle self-love these days. Allow yourself breaks from your demands if necessary.

6. Institute a Health Self-Award System

It’s much easier to practice self-discipline when there’s a reward on the other side. Choose some accessible and healthy rewards, such as a drive on a scenic highway, to celebrate each milestone as you get back on track.


Our self-discipline will naturally ebb and flow throughout life. We all have different strengths when it comes to self-discipline in various facets of our lives, too.

For instance, some of us are really good at getting in our daily workouts but maybe not the best at making the bed every day (which has a lot of great benefits!).

Be kind to yourself and take the steps necessary to get going in the right direction again today.

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6 Steps to Take if You Feel Self-Control Slipping During Quarantine