7 Essential Gym Bag Items To Never Forget

7 Essential Gym Bag Items To Never Forget

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Essential Gym Bag Items To Never Forget

Back to hustling at the gym? After the long months trapped inside the house, it’s finally time to hit the gym! For regular gym-goers, packing their gym bag is a fair routine. But, for some who are recently inspired to get some sweat at the gym, you have to prepare a workout bag filled with essentials.

Essential Gym Bag Items

Before you head to the gym, check out these essential gym bag items to never forget.

1. Gym Bag

You cannot keep your gym essentials if you do not have a gym bag. Although you can use tote or plastic bags for the gym, nothing can beat having the right duffel or workout bag.

Before you pack the essentials in your gym bag, choose a bag that can accommodate all your essentials. It will not make sense if you bring around a too spacious bag for your essentials, or too small that you have to cram everything in the bag.

Ensure to have a separate pocket or bag to separate wet and dry components. If you plan to take a shower after your workout, bring a laundry bag for your dirty, soaked with sweat gym clothes. Separating them from others will keep other things in your bag safe from odors and moisture.

Moreover, buy a gym bag that is washable and breathable to prevent musty odors and mildew.

2. Trainer Shoes

Trainer shoes are an obvious must-have for workouts, but you should have a specific type for particular exercises. You can wear a pair that looks good on you but make sure it is the right pair of shoes for a specific activity.

Several affordable trainer shoes are designed for cross-training, indoor running, weightlifting, and more. If you wear bulky running shoes at a spin class, you will look funny, right?

Thus, make sure your trainer’s shoes are in your gym bag; your time going to the gym will become a waste. Also, as an additional tip, it is best to have different trainer shoes to use. You have the time to dry the pair between workouts. This practice will help you prevent having unpleasant odors.

3. Workout Clothes

7 Essential Gym Bag Items To Never ForgetYou have to pack the right type of clothes for a workout, the same as the trainer shoes, and it is essential to use the proper athleisure wear. Wearing the right workout outfit will help you do the exercise stances right.

Also, you need to change clothes right after the gym, right? If you prefer to wear comfortable workout clothes right after the gym shower, ensure a complete extra outfit in your bag. A missing sock can turn your productive workout upside down. Check every workout clothes you kept in your gym bag before heading out.

It is best to wear moisture-wicking clothes or mesh tops to keep yourself cool. Although it depends on you, these items may be worth considering as essentials:

  • Extra clean undergarments
  • Extra workout clothes
  • Fresh pair of socks
  • Headgear

Aside from these garments, do not forget your gym towel. Some gyms require their goers to bring a gym towel. Although you do not sweat much, it is unhygienic to leave behind any moisture on the equipment.

Imagine what the next person will feel about it. Thus, gym towels are not only for hygienic purposes, but you are also showing good manners towards other gym-goers. Cotton gym towels are the best option as it absorbs moisture quickly.

As contamination is a concern today, bring a hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands and equipment before and after use. After the gym, do you go home or straight to work? If it takes time to tend your workout clothes, it is better to drop them off at a laundry shop.

Let laundry services like Liox Laundry in New York, for example, wash and fold your clothes. Do not bring the gym and odor of your gym clothes at home.

4. Reusable Water Bottle

It is a must during workouts to stay hydrated, but water fountains are discouraged today. Health protocols recommend having a personal and reusable bottle rather than sharing a water fountain. We are still in a pandemic, and the fountain might be contaminated.

Keep a reusable bottle of water beside you during your workouts. It is best for the environment and to keep you hydrated. Check out water bottles that are made with toxin-free materials.

5. Energy Bars

Bring along protein-filled energy bars; it is a must-have essential to keep in your gym bag.

You need to have enough energy pre-and post-workout. If you hit the gym without having any food, you might faint. Eat some energy bars before and after your workout to fuel up, and nothing beats having a protein bar right after an extraneous workout.

6. Necessary Toiletries

Even after sweating a lot, you still have to practice good hygiene. Besides, you want to freshen up, and you might want to avoid having an athlete’s foot or other common fungal infections at the gym.

If you are fond of having showers after your workout, bring a small bottle of shampoo to help you remove excess sweat and oil from your hair, and take along with you a body wash to help you feel refreshed from head to toe. Do not forget the most obvious hygiene essentials you should keep in your bag– deodorant.

You can have a small pouch for shower essentials alone. Buy travel-sized shampoos, body wash, and detergent and make them exclusive for gym use.

7. Earphones or Headphones

It’s undeniably true that some workout routines are boring, especially if you regularly work out. The repetitive exercises will make the gym experience dull. That’s why earphones or headphones are essentials to keep in your gym bag.

Listen to music or podcasts to boost your motivation while you sweat. Although some gyms pipe music, you might not enjoy their playlist. Make yourself get into the zone with some pump-up music you like.


There you have it. Are you ready to hit the gym? Keep in mind these essential gym bag items. Sweat comfortably and freshen up after.

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7 Essential Gym Bag Items To Never Forget