7 Ways To Lose Weight At Home

way to lose weight at home

7 Innovative Ways to Lose Weight in 14 Days

One of the biggest research topics is how to lose weight effectively and instantly. There have been millions of articles and essays written on this topic. It is one of the most popularly searched topics too. Here, we have tried to be simple and present you with simple yet innovative ideas to start losing weight within 14 days. Try this out and do not forget to provide us with your views on how these ideas worked for you.

Fast, efficient ways to lose weight…

1. Adrenal Diet regime for losing instant weight

The adrenal reset diet is a new perspective towards weight reduction.

Carbohydrates produce their effect on the adrenal glands which help in maintaining a healthy adrenal rhythm. The blood sugars affect the adrenal gland which further leads to the disruption of normal circadian rhythms. The adrenal rhythm also takes into consideration the biological clock of our body which in turn explains a lot about the consumption of the right food at the right time.

7 Ways to Lose Weight at The Comfort of Your HomeNormally in an adrenal rhythm, there is a rise in cortisol early in the morning, which reduces during the afternoon and goes low during the night.

Sleepiness is caused due to the reduction of cortisol which in turn helps the pineal gland to release melatonin.

Cortisol affects weight variations as it helps in the regulation of blood sugar. If cortisol levels are not well maintained then depression and weight gain are seen.

Moreover, it may lead to irregular sleep and stress. Hence it is essential to maintain a healthy adrenal rhythm by following an adrenal diet or resetting it towards a normal one.

2. Fasting is fun

The general opinion about fasting is that it does not lead to weight reduction. Fasting once a week is essential in order to achieve weight loss.

It helps by removing toxins in the body and rejuvenating the metabolic system. Fasting should be done in the correct way. Fasting does not mean abstaining from food and drinks completely.

Rather fasting should mean being on a liquid diet or on a fruit diet once a week. Select a day in the week in which you will have fruits only.

You will notice the change at the end of the day as it will flush out all toxins from the body. Hence, fast towards losing weight and feel the difference within a fortnight.

3. Sleep well in order to lose weight

Adequate sleep is essential to losing weight effectively. Yes, sleeping is required because that is the time the body’s metabolic systems work the best. A minimum of 6 hours is required to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm which in turn keeps the vital statistics of the body in check.

When a person sleeps all the other systems of the body are at rest while the digestive system works. This is the time when the body converts food into energy. Hence, energize yourself by eating right and sleeping right.

Eating right leads to weight loss and brings a change within few days.

4. Ab machines to decrease the stubborn fat

Often it is seen that stubborn fat is deposited on abs, hips, and thighs. There are several ab machines which can be used in the comfort of your home. It may be tedious to work out on these ab machines but the end results are highly toned abs.

You can find several ab machines in the gym but if you have space and can afford to have one at your home then it would be great.

Several ab machines are available online but do your research to find the one for you!

5. Treadmill your way to a lean body

Walking is the best exercise to keep a healthy and fit body. Walking in the open is effective but if you do not have the time or place, then buy a treadmill for your home.

This will take care of the entire family’s fitness. A treadmill can be used while seeing television or while reading right in the comfort of your home. You can select a suitable treadmill with suitable features well in your budget.

7 Ways to Lose Weight at The Comfort of Your Home6. Cycling is effective too in weight loss

If you can afford to cycle around then it will surely result in weight loss as well as a well-toned body. If you are bored of getting on the treadmill daily, try cycling as an alternative. Cycling leads to fast weight loss.

Cycling is an exercise that produces endorphins which are happy hormones. The body produces positive hormones which lead to a feel-good response. This enables the body to work out more and more.

If you do not have space to cycle outside, you can buy a stationary bike for home. There are many cycling machines available in the market which do not occupy too much space and help in effective weight loss. Cycling can be done in the comfort of the house while watching television or teaching your kids.

7. Bodyweight scale

Last but not the least; buy a scale to keep a regular check on your weight. Reward yourself at the end of the week if you see an effective weight loss but don’t hesitate to be harsh on yourself if you have not. After all, it requires a lot of hard work and self-control in order to lose weight effectively.

Try to maintain a record of the gradual decrease in weight and boost your self-confidence. Believe me, this will lead to a further determination to lose weight.


Losing weight is necessary in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. It is not necessary to have a perfect figure but it is essential to have a fit body. Being obese leads to several diseases and lowers the confidence level. Losing weight is easy if it is not taken as a tedious exercise.

Try to set a weekly goal and stick to it as far as possible.

A controlled diet and routine exercise will help you to achieve the targets you have set. It is not as simple as it sounds but it is possible.

Begin your weight loss journey today with these innovative methods and get started on losing weight. This is one of the first steps to release your body from weight-related diseases.

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7 Ways To Lose Weight At Home