Amazing Rowing Machine Benefits & Why You Should Start

rowing machine benefits
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Rowing Your Way to Muscle

Rowing isn’t just a fun outdoor activity or interesting sport to watch during the Olympics, it’s actually a very effective form of exercise. The great thing about rowing is that you can do it alone or with friends, and the amazing benefits of rowing are still going to be the same and it’s an activity that anyone can do!

9 Amazing Benefits of Rowing

Home rowing machines have become quite popular in recent years as the technology has improved and more people learn about the health benefits of it.

If you are considering the purchase of a home machine, here are 10 fantastic benefits of rowing to help you make the decision!

1. Low impact exercise with great results

Unlike many other forms of exercise, rowing basically works out every muscle in the body, and it does this without serious risk of injury when the correct technique is used. The fact that you sit while performing the exercise dramatically reduces the pressure on your joints and proper rowing techniques are quite safe. Out of all the low-impact exercises you can do, it is definitely the most effective for improving your overall health.

Rowing Machine2. High calorie-burning potential

One of the amazing benefits of rowing is that a competitive rower burns almost double the number of calories on a 2,000-meter course as a runner does on a 3,000-meter run. There is also much less wear and tear on your body than there is in typical exercises like running, making this a more sustainable alternative. This means you get all the exercise benefits, minus the risk of injury.

3. Offers a full-body exercise

This exercise works out more muscles than most other forms of exercise, especially compared to exercising on a regular cardio machine. If you’re performing the proper technique you’re working out all of your back muscles as well as your quadriceps, calves, gluteal muscles, and biceps. Your core is working throughout also to keep your body upright and aligned.

4. Builds strength

Regular rowing is one of the best ways to build muscle strength, particularly in the legs. When you’re rowing, you’re primarily working out your quadriceps, the large muscles in the front of your thighs that allow you to extend the knee and complete powerful leg movements.

The repetitive nature of the motion means your muscles are in for a great workout!

5. Stabilizes you physically

As mentioned above, you’re also working out your core and supporting muscles around the tummy and lower back that help you stay balanced throughout your day, making it easier to avoid bad falls and pick up heavy things without hurting your back. This exercise strengthens your core so you can more easily make a wide range of movements.

6. Reduces stress

Another one of the amazing benefits of rowing is that it reduces stress. Dozens of studies have shown that stress is killing us, and there are as many studies proving that regular exercise reduces stress. This exercise is one of the best exercises for reducing stress as there is something very meditative about the movement.

7. Enhances cardio

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Rowing: The Outdoorsy Way!

Like aerobic exercise, rowing helps your body deliver oxygen to your bloodstream. It is extremely effective when compared to other aerobic exercises and it’s also much more accessible to people just beginning their fitness journey because of the DIY and low-impact nature.

8. Improves muscle and joint mobility

Joint issues are incredibly common, especially in the elderly and individuals with a significant amount of weight to lose. Again, it all comes back to rowing being a low-impact, easy-to-do exercise that delivers health and fitness results.

9. It’s affordable

There’s definitely a rowing machine at your local gym, but buying your own machine isn’t ridiculously expensive either.

Rowing machines vary greatly in price with the cheapest, viable rowing machines typically going for $300. A high-quality rowing machine that will last you for years or even decades usually costs around $850 and then there are top brands that will cost closer to $2000.


A home rowing machine is quite a low-priced product for a long-term investment that will dramatically improve your fitness and help you hit your goal weight.

It is one of the best exercises for all-around benefits and for ease of performing the activity, so go ahead and start rowing for fitness!

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