Do You Require “Energy Supplements”?

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Can Energizing Supplements Help?

Those heavy midday eyelids might leave you longing for a pick-me-up: an alternative to a double-shot espresso that will have you bouncing off the walls. That’s where energizing supplements can come in!

Choosing the best energizing supplements

Energizing supplements like Essential Mints can allow you to manage your caffeine intake (five pieces has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee) and the refreshing, all-natural mints see quick results by directly hitting your bloodstream. One Energizing Peppermint doesn’t just mask Caesar Salad breath from lunch; it’ll launch you into favorite after-hours cardio with confidence.

They work for you, tailored to your metabolism.

Do you ever feel that impending slump midday right when you seriously need that energy? I know the feeling. Whether you’re in front of the computer or at the gym, sometimes you just need that extra boost of energy to power through your day-to-day.

Are Energizing Supplements What You Need?I know there are too many supplements to count made by manufacturers that specialize in jolting you like a pair of paramedics armed with defibrillators. Clear!

Some energy shots are just too much to handle and definitely not clean ingredients. I’m here to tell you that Essential Mints put you in control. You get an individualized, long-lasting boost, scale-able to your needs with the bonus of great taste.

In fact, each deck-of-cards-size tin contains 80 mints, in total the equivalent of 8 energy shots, and sells for just $8.00 at It’s pretty convenient to pull a tin out of your pocket and pop a mint whether on the job or on a bicycle ride. If you’re looking for an even smaller pack, our mini tins contain 20 mints and retail at $2.90 per tin.

How much easier could it be?

A weapon against the lethargy

Here’s an experience we can all relate to: You’re feeling subpar and the excuses start to pile up. You’ve become your own worst enemy with negative thoughts driving you to shoot down your exercise goal for the day, to punt it on to tomorrow.

I know from experience that keeping a tin of Essential Mints is a powerful weapon against that whirlpool of doubt, against succumbing to lethargy. Popping give mints make it easy to not let yourself down and to charge through that 5 mile Wednesday run. After you overcome that energy lull and check off your midweek workout, you feel great to have made a positive choice. You can thank your handy tin of Essential Mints.

It’s scientifically proven that chewable oral supplements absorb more quickly and efficiently than pills or drinks. Our concept was basic when creating these mints: People chew mints for flavor and fresh breath all the time–sometimes to cover up coffee breath.

Well, taking an energy supplement in the form of a chewable mint is the most efficient and enjoyable way to do it. The mouth is a direct route to the bloodstream through highly vascularized tissues. Efficiency is a beautiful thing.

Essential Mints merge two desirable outcomes, an energy boost, and fresh breath.

A natural product that works

Let’s discuss ingredients and production. These are simple words that often connote mystery. Essential Mints use all-natural ingredients and are made at our production facility in Florida. Simple words are simple in our case.

Are Energizing Supplements What You Need?We’re extremely proud to provide a supplement that’s made in the USA and has both FDA and cGMP certification. Unlike so many other makers of supplements, we don’t use hard-to-digest binders or fillers.

Remember those heavy eyelids I mentioned earlier? Those enemies of productivity, whether at work or working out, chewable supplements are the superior option. The truth is that many supplements don’t ever fully absorb into the system. And on top of that, did you know that 40 percent of people taking a supplement have trouble swallowing pills?

That’s a lot of wasted effort and product that you invested in, expecting to see the benefits of those active ingredients. Essential Mints, by design, can be fully absorbed by chewing a couple every two hours. You can avert hitting that wall by chewing a small (might I say delicious) candy.

Perks of the perky mints

I’m also a fan of bonuses, a little secondary perk. The modernized tins, that these clean energy mints come in, are designed to be reused. They’re sturdy and resistant and are ideal for collecting little widgets that don’t have a home.

I keep my earbuds and cell charger for the gym in one.


Let’s review: Energizing supplements combat many problems all too common with energy supplements.

They don’t overload you with an unexpected and over-the-top surge. You can chew as few as you want to, and there are 80 in each large tin and 20 in our mini tins.

They absorb quickly, leading to an efficient, prompt, and long-lasting boost. You know exactly what you’re getting due to efficient absorption, individualized dosage, and clean, filler-free ingredients.

Double-bonus, they taste great and come in that cool reusable tin.

Donald M. Choi is President and Founder of Essential Mints (, a company committed to fostering good health through innovative products, starting with functional mints.  Donald has over 25 years experience as a Finance and Operations Executive for wholesale business; past roles include CFO for Diane Von Furstenberg Studio from 2002 to 2006 and Director of Operations and Finance for a top private label costume jewelry business from 2009 to 2012.
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