How Do Fat Burners Work and How Effective Are They?

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Fat Burner Mints?

You’re hustling your tail off in your intense exercise routine. You’ve got a hold on your diet, but maybe there’s something else you can do to shed those extra pounds. Adding a fat burner to your regimen can do just that: optimize your body’s ability to slim down in a healthy way.

What will a fat burner do for you?

So are you ready to say “bon voyage” to those troubling places where fat has dropped anchor on your body? Ships ahoy!

Essential Mints in Fat Burner Peppermint provides that extra boost to your weight management plan, and I can tell you these little mints do wonders. Through extensive research, we arrived at our triple threat of supplements that curb appetites, boost energy, promote the burning of fat stores and increase metabolism to facilitate greater calorie burning when you’re at rest.

How Effective Can a Fat Burner Mint Be weight lossOf course, the delivery of fat-burning supplements in a tin of mints makes life pretty easy.

Pop a mint, freshen your breath and let those active ingredients kick start your inner engine so you can achieve your goals.

How do they work?

Three ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, and Saffron Extract. They work together to quell your appetite and drive your metabolism.

A Georgetown University study concluded that Garcinia Cambogia helped participants lose four times more weight than their counterparts who took a placebo.

Those who took the supplement saw serotonin levels double. Unlocking serotonin is so key because it dramatically reduces appetite and induces a sense of calm.

I cannot overstate how important this sense of tranquility and satisfaction is when battling a compulsion to eat. Ditching that urge to gorge on unwanted foods is a big part of the fight against fat.

Saffron extract has also been shown to crank down the hunger dial-in test subjects, which will reinforce those good healthy choices you made when building out your diet plan (you have to check out The Half Day Diet if you haven’t already).

You aren’t eating all those brussels sprouts for fun. In my mind, you won’t give in to cravings and temptation to break a diet if you don’t have those hankerings in the first place.

Green coffee extract works in its own way to ramp up the metabolism and promote the burning of calories. Study subjects have seen results with the aid of green coffee extract.

Think about calories, particularly fats, and think about two situations: one in which they settle and plump up your body and another where they never find a hospitable home. It’s as if green coffee extract shoos the fat cells away.

Why use Essential Mints Fat Burner Peppermint?

Sure, you’ve got options. Supplements abound in pill and liquid forms, but we’ve zeroed in on this convenient and efficient way to deliver our clean, fat-burning formula. Chewable mints absorb through the highly vascularized oral tissues of the mouth.

You’re freshening your breath with one of these mints, a post-healthy snack, and the Fat Burner is getting you that much closer to the body you want. Many supplements are hard to digest, or worse, your body just releases it before it hits your bloodstream.

Say you’re dieting in a way to promote weight loss and you’ve adopted a rigorous training routine to reach your target. Essential Mints in Fat Burner Peppermint pushes you toward your ultimate goal by sustaining appetite suppression and longer periods of calorie burning.

How Effective Can a Fat Burner Mint Be weight lossIt’s like choosing the freeway instead of city streets.

Diet pills on the market might cause unwanted digestive irritation and many supplements meant to help with weight loss have binders on their ingredient list. Not Fat Burner Peppermint.

The all-natural supplements actually bind to organic sugar sweeteners for direct delivery into the body and peppermint oil provides that minty freshness

Who would benefit?

Each tin contains 60 mints at just $9.00 and provides the benefit of fat-burning and appetite suppression. They come in elegant little, reusable containers that you can bring with you anywhere. Coming soon, we’ll have mini tins available containing 20 mints for $3.29 each.

Anyone who wants to see results should take them in combination with their active lifestyle and healthy diet to achieve a slimmer look.


Here’s the thing. After you eat a meal, you oftentimes pop a mint anyway.

If that mint will help in burning that meal and bring you one step closer to the body you wish to have, then why not?

It’s a no-brainer.

Donald M. Choi is President and Founder of Essential Mints (, a company committed to fostering good health through innovative products, starting with functional mints.  Donald has over 25 years experience as a Finance and Operations Executive for wholesale business; past roles include CFO for Diane Von Furstenberg Studio from 2002 to 2006 and Director of Operations and Finance for a top private label costume jewelry business from 2009 to 2012.
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