How To Stop Eating Junk Food

how to stop eating junk food

Trying to Avoid Fast Food?

Many of us try to avoid fast food (or eat it only occasionally) because of the obvious health hazards we constantly hear about. Check out some of the reasons to further your fast food avoidance resolve and start eating healthy today!

How to avoid fast food

Today, we are more pressed for time than ever and this is one of the reasons why fast food is so popular.

When you are incredibly hungry but have no time to prepare “healthy food,” fast food is one of the last options.

Avoid Fast Food for a Healthy LifeSlowly this becomes a habit, owing to the fact that fast food usually tastes good and this can become an addiction. Just like any addiction, this one comes with physical damage (think clogged arteries, obesity, diabetes…etc.). So obviously we need to avoid fast food.

So today we will focus on how and why to avoid fast food so it’s easier to avoid in the future.

1. Why do we need to avoid fast food

People keep telling you that eating fast food is an unhealthy practice but no one discusses the scientific reasons behind them. Films like Super Size Me and Fast Food Nation will give you an idea about how fast food is nothing but a combination of health-damaging, harmful chemicals.

Logically thinking, it is very difficult to figure out how any restaurant can offer double cheeseburgers for a meager amount of $1.

The reason behind this sort of affordability lies in the fact that instead of meat they use something called scrap meat. These scrap meats are actually fat trimmings and connective tissues which are separated from the bones and then are processed through ammonia treatment so as to avoid elements of E-coli and Salmonella (yummy). Many times this also includes ingredients like sodium phosphate, dextrose, wheat stark, safflower oil along with yeast extracts…

2. Facts that restaurants do not want you to know

There are many fast foods facts that restaurants do not want you to know. A primary example is the ‘Drive Through Diet’ campaign of Taco Bell. The primary focus of this initiative was their low-fat diet. What they didn’t focus on was the fact that the processing of such foods requires certain ingredients (think trans fats) which contribute to the global health decline.

There are a lot of other examples like how Subway’s ‘oven roasted chicken’ is actually boiled in the microwave. Starbucks frozen food might be reputed for its taste but the food, in general, isn’t fresh at all. Chipotle’s Tacos are one more example of restaurants hiding things from you.

Hell, there are even issues regarding the McDonald’s grilled chicken as well.

Avoid Fast Food for a Healthy Life 23. Overcoming fast food addiction

A good place to start is by surfing the net and get knowledgeable regarding the harms that fast food can cause. The ingredients present in fast food can lead to eating disorders which can force you to consume more food than usual which can result in obesity.

Your diet should include frequent meals so you aren’t starving all day (which can lead to overeating). To do this, purchase a lunch box and keep foods like yogurt, fruits, and carrots ready to go!

Psychological aspects also play an important role in food addictions. One way to help with this is to change the route of your daily travel if you think that it has a large number of fast-food joints so that you aren’t tempted to stop in.

Another important must-do is to avoid drinking soda which can trigger your fast food cravings!


While fast food is wicked handy when we are crunched for time, the amount of harm it can cause (especially if eaten excessively) to our overall health is severe and real.

So do yourself a favor, avoid fast food when possible and you will set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle!

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