8 DIY Workout Health Hacks

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Must-Try DIY Fitness Hacks

We all love DIY fitness hacks! Who wouldn’t love getting better results by working smarter, not harder? Exactly! Check out these DIY fitness hacks of 2016 and get on board today!

The DIY fitness hacks to try this year

In today’s times, if there is one aspect of your life that requires an overhaul, it is your fitness schedule.

Your workouts are a vital part of your life and using everyday items can make them much simpler. Working out for as little as ten minutes daily can go a long way in ensuring that you meet your fitness goals over a period of time.

Furthermore, planning your workouts in advance, learning essential workout techniques as well as preparing post-workout meals will enable you to get the most out of your workouts.

8 DIY Fitness Workout Hacks of 2016We bring to you the most important workout hacks that shall make your life a whole lot easier:

1. Workout at a suitable time of the day

You can make the most out of your workout if you schedule it at the perfect time of the day. Some people prefer early morning workouts while some prefer to exercise in the evenings. However, according to an expert in back pain, Dr. Stuart McGill, working out early in the morning right after waking up is not advisable.

The reason for this according to him is that the discs between one’s vertebrae are naturally filled with fluid while we are asleep and working out right after sleep can make one prone to injury.

2. Do weight lifting first and cardio later

If you follow the workout routines of serious athletes, trainers, and bodybuilders, you will notice one thing i.e. they work with the weights first before going for the cardio part.

The psychology behind this is that lifting weights prior to cardio quickens the heartbeat and pushes the body to “fat-burning mode”. If one does cardio first and lifts weights later, the muscles wear out quickly.

3. Eat frequently in smaller portions

Are you aware that eating in small portions frequently speeds up your metabolism and you will be in a better position to lose weight, and build muscle? Only eating nutrient-dense foods such as proteins every two hours will make the journey to a fitter, leaner, and healthier you easier.

However, eating frequently does not mean that you should consume too many calories as this will instead make you add extra pounds.

4. Have a nutritious snack right after working out

According to a senior sports nutritionist, Nancy Clark, M.D who sits at Health Work Fitness Center in Massachusetts, “Protein laden snacks should be consumed within a 15-minute interval of your workout”, this is because of the minor injuries that usually occur after every workout can be healed right away.

Additionally, since protein is satisfying, you won’t be in a hurry to eat again. Men’s Health, a popular magazine dedicated to men’s fitness and health issues, also agrees on the essential role of proteins combined with carbs in a wholesome fitness routine.

5. Hydration matters

You wouldn’t want to become dehydrated after working out so the best thing you can do is to drink enough water before, during, and after workouts. Also, it’s best to avoid drinking yourself fat by consuming drinks that are high in calories.

6. Warm-up and Cooldown

Warming up and cooling down are two essential workout hacks that you should never miss out on. When you perform a simple warm-up like stretching, you will be able to prevent common injuries like muscle strain, additionally, your body gets prepped for a workout by getting your blood pumped up.

8 DIY Fitness Workout Hacks of 2016 2Furthermore, it is equally important to cool down after workouts as this will give your muscles ample time to restore themselves.

7. Workout all core muscle groups

A full-body DIY fitness workout targets all core groups at any given time. You can also embed compound workouts in your exercise routine as they will focus on particular muscle groups.

While it is important to isolate some muscles so that focus is directed towards a specific set of muscles, it is equally important to be aware of the side effects of doing the same. Compound workouts, for example, sideline the weaker muscles.

This basically means that some muscles may appear fatigued while others are still going strong due to uneven workout procedures.

8. Budget your workout time

It is very important to stick to a specific time quota when working out. Anything more than one hour is considered an excess and will overwork you.


The above 8 key workout DIY fitness hacks will ensure that your body gets a full and proper workout without burning yourself out.

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