Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Home Fitness

Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Home Fitness

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Standing Punching Bags for Home Fitness

Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts around, but getting access to a punching bag can sometimes be a pain. Traditional heavy bags require drilling holes to mount them, which just isn’t practical for people who live in apartments.

Free Standing Punching Bags

Fortunately, you can avoid this by using free-standing bags. These are quick to set up, easy to move around, and designed to last for years.

But with so many brands out there, how do you know if you’re buying the best? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of top brands of free-standing punching bags below to help you make the right decision for your personal fitness journey.

Most Popular Brands of Free Standing Punching Bags

  • Everlast – When you think boxing, you think Everlast. This name is practically synonymous with the sport. They are a force to be reckoned with and in general, their quality is top-notch. They have a reputation for quality, cost-efficiency, and durability.
  • Century Martial Arts – Founded out of a garage by Michael Dillard back in the 70s, it’s since grown enormously in popularity and you can see Century sports gear in just about every boxing gym around.
  • Ringside – The youngest brand of the three, they are known for having somewhat unique designs of their bags. Think old-school style blended with a contemporary focus. They have a wide range of options including bags, gloves, and all sorts of various boxing equipment.

Most Popular Brands of Free Standing Punching BagsBest Free Standing Punching Bags for Home Fitness 2

  • Use Anywhere – The versatility of free-standing bags allows you to use them wherever you feel comfortable. Your own gym, a spare room, your living room, even outdoors! Some bags are specifically designed to handle the elements and can be left outdoors year-round.
  • Non-Damaging – No need to drill holes into your ceiling to mount anything. These free-standing bags are filled with a heavy base (typically either water or sand) to keep them stable, so they won’t do any damage to your house or apartment.
  • Cheaper – Especially for beginners to the sport of boxing or MMA, or fitness enthusiasts that just want to get in great shape, these can help you get started without breaking the bank.
  • Complete Access – Because you can access the bag from many directions, you can perform all sorts of drills. This allows you to practice your footwork, moving around to simulate dodging an opponent’s attack while you practice striking the bag.
  • Easy to Store – Because the bag is portable, you can put it away when you are finished with it. It’s easy to hide these away in a backroom or closet if you wish, and no need to worry about this blocking any doorways or taking up too much visible space in your place.

These free-standing bags are an excellent fitness option for a relatively low price. They also help spice up your typical workouts if you don’t regularly do any sort of striking in your fitness routine.

Free Standing Bags Come in Several Variations

  • Traditional punching and kicking bags – Often called “striking bags,” these are a good, stable option. They can absorb punches and kicks with ease. These are excellent for enhancing your striking skills while helping you develop strength and power. The heavy base allows it to withstand all the punishment you can offer.
  • Hybrid bags – These are multi-purpose bags that are good for developing your kicks, punches, knee shots, and grappling skills. The primary difference between these and traditional bags is the handles on the bottom and/or the top of the bag. These allow you to practice grappling skills as well, which are difficult or impossible to do with a traditional bag. Typically used by boxing or MMA practitioners, these are somewhat less common for people who are just interested in using them for general fitness.
  • Reflex bags – As the name would suggest, this type of bag is excellent to help develop your reflexes. Once struck, the bag can come right back at you, so keep your guard up! These are good to help develop speed, footwork, pivoting, and other fighting techniques. There is typically a small target area for your punches, which helps improve your precision as well. So, you get the added bonus of improving your hand-eye coordination while you’re getting in shape.

Some of the Best Free Standing Punching Bags

  1. Century Bob XL – This option is extremely highly rated and provides an excellent flight simulation to the user, as it has the likeness of an actual person. It also offers an adjustable height for perfect practice. As a matter of personal preference, this one is our favorite.
  2. The Wavemaster XXL – This versatile, cost-efficient bag is made out of good-quality foam that is also highly dense. It is a very stable punching bag that no spring inside it. It’s also an excellent choice for developing your kicking capability.
  3. The Ringside Elite – Considered one of the most stable among the free-standing punching bags, it has a larger landing surface for everyone’s punch. The foam also has a good absorbing capability. The base goes up to 270 pounds, giving it the strength to withstand even the strongest kicks and punches.
  4. Versys Fight Simulator – Used often by MMA trainees, this bag is lighter than the others and has handles at the top and at the base. This allows you to practice grappling with the bag as well as striking. It is also extremely compact which is great for use in small spaces.
  5. Century Cardio Wavemaster – This one is ideal for kickboxers. With an adjustable height, it’s perfect for cardio exercises and allows you to develop your speed.


Each of these bags has been thoroughly tested and specifically designed to handle a large amount of force without tipping over. Easy to handle and use, yet tough enough to last for years, free-standing bags are an excellent companion in your fitness journey.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Home Fitness