Can CBD Topical Balms Relieve Post Workout Soreness?

Can CBD Topical Balms Relieve Post Workout Soreness?

CBD Topical Balms

It seems like just about every product is trying to stick CBD on its label. Finding a reliable CBD topical balm with good ingredients and that utilizes third party testing can be a difficult process. There are ads everywhere claiming that CBD will solve just about every problem you could have.

Post-workout soreness and CBD topical balms

CBD is not a magical cure-all for every possible ailment you have, but there are a number of things that it can really help with. One major use for CBD is in relieving post-workout soreness.

When we work out, running, for example, our muscles are exerted. This increases blood flow to the muscles and creates heat for maximal performance.

Can CBD Topical Balms Relieve Post Workout SorenessOnce your workout is done, the muscles slowly begin to recover. Still, the inflamed tissues put pressure on surrounding structures, including nerves.

This recovery process can sometimes be painful as our muscles take longer to return to normal. During this period, it is common to feel very sore.

What Can be Done to Relieve This Pain?

Some common treatments might include rest, ice, and elevating the muscles involved. This helps because it lowers inflammation in the affected muscles.

By constricting the blood vessels around the tissue, less fluid travels and warms the tissue. In the same way, CBD can help reduce inflammation and decrease pain. As the pressure on nerves and other tissues is reduced, pain is reduced.

Truthfully, scientists don’t fully understand why exactly CBD works so well in pain and inflammation reduction.

While studies continue to be conducted to find the exact mechanisms that help, current dosages have been proven safe and effective in pain management. More and more athletes are learning that CBD is a great tool for relieving post-workout soreness.

CBD Dosages

Oral supplements, vaporizers, sprays, and many more methods are used to get the benefits of CBD. However, one of the most effective and precise ways of utilizing CBD is through topical balms. Ingestible doses of CBD can help with overall health and wellness, but in the case of muscle soreness, a precise and specific location is targeted for pain relief.

Sprays tend to douse the surrounding area, making it harder to select an individual area needing relief.

CBD Move Free

Due to the relatively new nature of most CBD-infused products on the market today, it is important to choose wisely when selecting a brand to use.

The FDA does not monitor all CBD balms that are sold, meaning there is minimal regulation. Many products can simply add some CBD to their product, slap a CBD label on items, and ride the popularity wave.

To be sure that a product is a high quality, good testing has to be done by an unaffiliated third party. CBD Move Free is an excellent example of a company doing just that.

Along with proper testing, you should always check the ingredients list of your CBD balm before using it. Some products have a number of additional ingredients working in conjunction with the CBD.

This can result in having a less potent and therefore less effective product. CBD Move Free features an ingredients list that lets you see what you are using.

Knowing that you are getting a product with high-quality ingredients is essential for a reliable pain relief treatment.


Whether you are trying to get through the day after a workout, soothe your general aches and pains, or start your day as pain-free as possible, CBD Move Free can help.

CBD Move Free is the answer, a product that checks all the boxes.

Can CBD Topical Balms Relieve Post Workout Soreness?